Top 5 Online Dating Sites for Military Members

Single people in the military often seek specialized dating sites rather than the giant, well-known websites that cater to the entire population. So-called “niche dating” is sometimes a necessity for service personnel due to the unique constraints of military life. There are dozens of companies in business to bring military singles together with each other or with civilians who are seeking military mates. Like restaurants and clothing styles, each has its strong points and unique qualities. Spend some time perusing the top five military dating sites before making any decisions about whether to join one. Some offer free trials, and most cost between $15 and $30 per month, but discounts and long-term memberships can affect the final price.

# 5 Military Friends

This is one of the larger, older military dating sites, having been in business for more than a decade. The word “friends” is in their name because even though they are primarily a dating site, they also cater to those in search of sports partners, friends and pen pals. Military Friends offers live support and even a live military counselor, online chat, a military news section, member videos and discussion forums.

# 4 Military Singles Connection

A generic but comprehensive website for military singles in search of relationships or just friendships, Military Singles Connection offers all the standard bells and whistles, like chat rooms, forums, private mailboxes and photo sharing. The site does offer a free trial with limited functionality.

# 3 Military Cupid

Another large site with international membership that offers romantic and friendship connections, Military Cupid has a limited free membership. This Australia-based website sports an international base of people.

# 2 Elite Singles

One of the free sites for military dating, Elite Singles requires applicants to fill out a long questionnaire before creating an account. After that, members are free to peruse the personal listings and search for matches based on responses to the survey. It is very simple and straightforward but without much of the interactive functionality of the pay sites.

# 1 U.S. Military Singles

Part of the Friends Worldwide Dating Network, this site offers an extensive profile questionnaire but does not officially vouch for the profiles listed. The owners do point out that they never sell or abuse any of your data and are constantly on the lookout for scammers who might try to use the site for marketing purposes.

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Tips For Online Dating Safety

The world of online military dating is rife with con artists and dubious folks, so it pays to be extra diligent. Safety is of extreme importance. Here are 7 online dating safety tips you should heed.

#1: Google Yourself And Your Potential Date

It is important to know how much personal information is on the worldwide web about you. Once your name is in the “dating bucket” you will get Googled and you don’t want sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

You should also do the same with any potential dates. You just may find information that would draw you closer or tell you to run the opposite way.

#2: Make Sure Someone Close To You Knows Who, What, When And Where

If you make a face to face date, make sure someone like a close friend or family member knows all the particulars. Give them the ability to report anything that seems suspicious.

There have been many cases of kidnapping, rape and torture and by having someone close know, you lessen the chances of anything like that happening.

#3: Face To Face Date #1 Should Be In Public

We suggest you choose a restaurant, movie theater or something public to meet face to face on the first go. It is not wise to go to one or the other’s living space the first time.

#4: Background Check?

There is nothing wrong about doing a background check on the person. Don’t just assume that because he/she is in the military that they don’t have something in the past or present that is a negative.

A Background check is not super costly. This link can explain better.

#5: Get A Google Voice Number

One of the worst things you can do is give out your personal phone number. If things don’t work out, it can be difficult to block them from calling you. Google has an app that allows you to get a number that rings straight to your phone, but you can also easily block others from calling it.

You can get the free Google Voice App by clicking here.

#6: Drink Easy And Get Your Own Drinks

Time and time again, we hear of date rape. This is when a date gets someone extremely drunk or slips a drug into their drink to take advantage.

Don’t put yourself into the victim category. Manage the amount of alcohol that goes in and do not let your drink get out of your sight.

#7: Talk Via Video First

It just makes good sense that before you meet in person, you should talk over Skype or some other video service in real time.

Your date should be willing. If not, you may question if their online picture has been doctored to make them look different.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips and you will be safe and will have better odds of finding someone compatible.

If you have any questions or other tips, just post them below.

Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Online Dating Sites for Military Members”

  1. One thing that people need to be especially careful about with any dating site, not just a military dating site, is continuing to protect your reputation and honor. It’s so easy to believe everything someone says online, but remember you have no proof that the person is even who they say they are.

    Again, it’s very easy to trust. Don’t send pictures unless they do to. Under no circumstances send seductive pictures. And when you do decide to meet, make sure you do so in a public place. Yes, this includes you guys, too. It’s amazing the number of women who work with a guy or even a couple of guys to roll you the minute you are out of your car if you are willing to meet with them in private. You don’t want to have your career ruined by having your seductive pictures posted around the Internet.

    A big point to remember when seeing someone on a military dating site is to trust yourself. If you get a gut feeling that something is off, that something is wrong, then chances are it is. Back off and give it more time!

  2. Erica McMannes

    Hey, wanted to let you know about – its brand new and developed by a dual vet, husband/wife team after they struggled through the dating sites for years. So many of the sites geared towards military are parts of large conglomerates and often times become scummy! Anyway, Kurt and his wife are friends and I think it’ll be a great service for those who serve!

  3. I would be very cautious to use the niche sites for service members due to the horror stories I hear from former active duty service members. I fear for the young soldiers who get married quick before a deployment to a local and their money disappears and sometimes they end up parenting a child that isn’t theirs due to infidelity while the service member is deployed. The “local” mentality could spread to these websites and the risk increases for someone looking to not work due to the servicemember’s guaranteed income. They can live descent and still play on the side.

    1. Good points, Emily. I suggest the dating sites for more mature, responsible soldiers. Anyone who gets married before a deployment just to get some extra money has some serious maturity issues (my opinion).

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