NGB Form 22

The NGB Form 22 is a separation report you receive when you are discharged from the National Guard. The report is similar to the DD Form 214, which Active Duty Officers, NCOs and Soldiers receive when they are discharged from Active Duty.

On the report, there is a wide variety of information to include:

• Admin Information

• Record of Service

• Military Service Obligation

• Military Education

• Highest Education Level Completed

• SGLI (Insurance)

• And More

Normally, the report is filled out by the Unit Readiness NCO or immediate S1 Office.

Here’s what I found out about NGB Form 22 on one website:

“Every Soldier being separated from the ARNG or released from the custody and control of the military will have an NGB Form 22 prepared and distributed. This does not pertain to Soldiers being discharged for the purpose of immediate reenlistment, executing an interstate transfer or if the Soldier dies. This process provides details on preparing and distributing NGB Form 22. This process is applicable to the Human Resource Professional responsible for Unit administration.”

If you are in the process of separating from the National Guard, make sure you get a copy of your NGB Form 22 so you can file it with your official records. You will need the document if you ever want to reenter the service.

To learn how to fill out the report, just check out NGR 600-200.

Yes, the Army and Army National Guard has a lot of paperwork that must be filled out for any and everything. Sometimes this can be frustrating, but to keep proper control of records and pay, it must be done. Be sure and follow the procedures in filling out this paperwork, and the process of your separation will be painless and fast.

Do you have any questions? Can you offer any special tips for filling out NGB Form 22? Just post them below. Thank you for visiting.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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11 thoughts on “NGB Form 22”

  1. Trying to read a NGB Form 22. In box 10 (a) net service this period, is the time listed only include time spent on active duty or can it include time while in reserve status?

  2. I am trying to update my NGB 22 to reflect any medals I earned during my service that I was not awarded at the time. I am retired now and my old unit is not assisting me in any way to make the changes.

  3. File Standard Form 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records. The form and instructions are available online. Request NGB-22 under "Other." If you don't have one, request your DD-214 while you're at it.

    The Personnel Weenie

  4. Aren’t we supposed to get a NGB Form 22 when we get out of the National Guard? I never got one and I’m wondering what the process is to get one.

  5. This form definitely sounds similar to the Active Duty DD 214. It’s good to have a complete report of your service with all the pertinent information in one place on discharge. Makes things easier should you need to go back and check anything and gives an easy overview to anyone considering you for future employment. A very handy form to have.

  6. Thanks for the information on the NGB Form 22. I don’t plan to separate from the National Guard any time soon, but it’s good to have the information anyway. I wanted to ask, would you ever need the report for anything else, or is it only if you want to reenter the service?

    1. I think the NGB Form 22 would be helpful if you needed to prove your military service to a college or employer. It would also be helpful if you were trying to get back in the military at some point or had to prove your military service.


  7. Always, always, always keep copies of your paperwork. Even in this day of online records, keep a backup paper file. Shocking though it may be, the government sometimes loses things. I actually experienced the need for the NGB-22 personally. I originally joined the Army Reserve in 1989 while in college. In 1990 I had some temporary but serious health problems and ended up getting out. When the opportunity came in 1998 to rejoin the National Guard, I jumped on it. To this day my recruiter says I was the easiest soldier he ever put into the Guard. I walked into his office, put my NGB-22 on his desk, and said, “I want to get back in the Guard and I want the infantry.”

    1. That sounds like a recruiter’s dream Daniel: someone who wants infantry and someone with their paperwork straight.

      Having your NGB Form 22 definitely helped out.


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