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military business cardsWhat should you know about National Guard Business Cards?  Most “full time” National Guard personnel (AGR) have their own business cards.  In many cases, they can get their business cards free of charge.  Normally they can purchase the business cards on a government credit card or through a purchase order.  However, please check the current regulations before you do so to make sure you aren’t violating any rules.

On the other hand, most part-time Soldiers (M-Day) have to purchase their own business cards if they desire them.  If you are an NCO or Officer, it would probably be a good idea to get your own National Guard Business Cards.  Some of the best places to buy business cards include:

  1. Your Local Office Store: Stores such as Kinkos®, Office Depot® and Office Max® have plenty of options for business cards.  Buying your business cards from one of these locations is probably the most expensive option, but it is convenient and easy to do.
  2. Vista Print®:  Whenever I ordered military business cards in the past, I always purchased them from Vista Print.  The company normally offers free business cards.  Also, they have many specials to choose from so you can get a great deal.  Also, they have a lot of designs to choose from.  Best of all, it’s convenient and easy to do.
  3. Home Computer: You can purchase card stock at a local office store and print your own National Guard Business Cards from your home office or at work.  This isn’t the cheapest route.  By the time you purchase card stock and add in the time it takes, plus the toner, it’s often cheaper to purchase them at Vista Print at a better price. There are templates for Word programs you can use to design your business card.

There are many benefits to having your own military business cards.  First and foremost, they are convenient when you are networking with other people.  You can simply hand them out anytime you meet someone.   Also, having your own business card makes you look like a professional (I think so anyway), because so few military leaders have them.

In summary, if you are serving in the Army National Guard and you are a NCO or Officer, you should order your own National Guard Business Cards.  You can have 1,000 made for less than $50.  The business cards will come in handy when you are networking with other people.  And people might even take you a little more seriously.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a business card? Just leave your questions or comments below. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “National Guard Business Cards”

  1. Business cards are a great way to network and also to promote the Army National Guard. I don’t know if you can or not, but I actually found that by using a Word program, I can develop my own business cards and than have them printed quite inexpensively at a place such as Office Max. I don’t know if the Guard has standard cards you must carry, but designing your own card can be a lot of fun.

  2. Vista Print® is convenient and easy, and it is free if you are willing to have Vista Print® ad on the back of your cards. I think also it shows the sense of pride that the business card owner has for her or his position. Are there any guidelines as to what you can and what you cannot put on your Army National Guard position business cards whether an NCO or any position?

  3. Neil O'Donnell

    Vista Print does an incredible job with business cards and other printing jobs. As for making your own, which I have done, it is hard to make a business card with the quality of a professionally made card. When you factor in the costs and time of producing your own, it is better to go with Vista Print or another professional printer.

  4. I’ve personally used VistaPrint for different things and have found that their website is extremely easy to use. The business cards are easily customizable and it’s really fun to find what matches your personality and skill set best.

  5. I agree! I made some business cards when I became an officer and have blown people away! Even some CPT’s and MAJ’s do not have them! It makes a difference.

      1. Business cards are a great way to connect with others. Any serious business person or military Soldier should have their own business cards. It creates a positive first impression and shows that you are serious about your job.


        1. Great point Beatriz. I agree with you that “serious” Soldiers should have their own National Guard Business cards. It does make a great first impression. Thanks for visiting my website.

    1. This is a really great idea about National Guard business cards. I never thought of having my own business cards myself, but I am going to go to Vista Print and order some for myself right now. Thanks for sharing.


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