National Guard Border Patrol

National Guard Troops have been deploying to protect our borders and are largely dispersed throughout California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  These Soldiers watch for and report illegal crossovers and smugglers. They also assist Border Patrol Agents (part of the Department of Homeland Security) with investigations. Although these Soldiers carry weapons, they are to use them only to protect themselves. At its peak, the Southern states aforementioned saw up to 6,000 National Guard

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7 thoughts on “National Guard Border Patrol

  1. Having an increased National Guard presence on our southern borders is not only keeping out illegal immigrants, but it is a real effort to keep out a lot of the illegal drugs that are smuggled over, too. Regardless of how you feel about immigration issues, the idea that the Guard is trying to keep us safe, and keep illegal drugs out of our communities should be something that everyone agrees with.

  2. It is good to know our National Guard is enforcing our borders. There has been a lot of internet rumbling about the conspiracy of Government spying on United States citizens down in these Southwestern areas. I have always claimed they are there to protect the borders. that goes for unmanned drone aircraft too. It amazes me all the people who don’t want government interference, but they want no illegals crossing the borders. It is like,”they want there cake, ice cream, and someone to feed it to them.”

    Thanks to the National Guard for assisting in this major problem.

  3. I would rather see the National Guard doing this mission than being deployed to all of these unnecessary wars.

  4. This is an important mission: helping keep out the illegal immigrants. I’d rather have National Guard Soldiers deploy to the border than deploy overseas.

  5. This sounds like a great mission. I would rather have the National Guard protecting our borders than deploying in all these unnecessary wars.

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