Maryland Meritorious Service Medal

meritorious service medal

Here is the actual Maryland Meritorious Service Medal I received.

The Maryland Meritorious Service Medal is an award presented by the state of Maryland to Soldiers in the Army and Air National Guard.  Here are a few facts about it:

  • Equivalent to an Army ARCOM
  • Approved by first O-6 Commander in Chain of Command
  • Normally awarded for retirement or for a specific achievement
  • It can be awarded to any active or former member of the Maryland National Guard
  • Features a solid blue with white striped ribbon and a medal
  • The abbreviations for it is SMSM
  • Is worth promotion points for enlisted Soldiers (25 I believe)

I was fortunate enough to receive this award during my time in the Maryland Army National Guard.  I received the award in April 2006 for helping my unit receive Honorable Mention in the Army Supply of Excellence Award, and for my other efforts as a Company XO.  To this day, it is still one of my favorite awards.

If you’ve ever received the Maryland Meritorious Service Medal before, I would love to hear from you.  Please share your citation or tell us what you did to earn the medal.  Just leave a comment to get started.

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2 thoughts on “Maryland Meritorious Service Medal”

  1. Chuck,

    Nice post! I always love learning more about State specific awards in addition to those issued by the Army. I know I have personally earned a few PA awards that are specific to PAARNG and I am proud of those. Again, nice post!


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