M1070 Heavy Equipment Transportation System HET

What should you know about the M1070 Heavy Equipment Transportation System (HET)?

Let me start by telling you that the M1070 HET plays an important role in the Army.  The mission of the HET is to “Transport, deploy, recover and evacuate combat-loaded main battle tanks and other heavy tracked and wheeled vehicles to and from the battlefield.”

Here are a few other things you should know about the M1070 HET.

  • It’s frequently used to haul around the M1 tanks and M2 Bradleys, armored personnel carriers, self propelled artillery, bulldozers and other heavy equipment
  • It is used in conjunction with the M1000 Heavy Equipment Transporter Semi-trailer
  • It was first introduced to the Army in 1993
  • The tractor is made my OshKosh and the trailer is made by Systems and Electronics, Inc.
  • The tractor is just over 30 feet long
  • The M1070 tractor has front- and rear-axle steering, a Central Tire Inflation System, and cab space for six personnel to accommodate the two HET operators and four tank crewmen
  • It can travel on highways, secondary roads, and cross country
  • It has a Caterpillar 700 HP engine
  • It features a five speed automatic transmission
  • It can be transported by a C5A or C17
  • It holds 250 gallons of fuel and has a range of 300 miles before it needs to be refueled
  • It features a payload of 140,000 pounds
  • It can reach speeds of 50 MPH
  • In most cases the M1070 HETs are part of a transportation company and are operated by 88M Soldiers

Here’s a video I found of the HET in action! It sure is awesome!

Final Thoughts

If you have experience with the M1070 HET and M1000 Trailer, I would love to hear from you.  Please tell us what you like or dislike about the vehicle.  I’d also like to know how it compares to a traditional 18 wheeler.

Just leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “M1070 Heavy Equipment Transportation System HET”

  1. For years my brigade was a mechanized infantry unit, so I’ve had my Bradley transported by HET (while my crew and I rode on the HUGE back seat in the cab) a few times. A lot of people don’t realize that road miles represent a lot of wear and tear on a tracked vehicle, so HETs are critical in moving tanks, Bradleys, Paladins, and the rest up to the front lines so that they can arrive ready for action instead of a whole bunch of maintenance. Any piece of equipment that saves me from having to change track deserves a big thumbs-up!

  2. I drove the HET for two years and loved it. There’s nothing like the feeling of transporting an M1 tank as you drive down the highway.

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