List of Army Branches for Officers: A Complete List

If you are trying to decide what branch of the Army you want to become an officer in, you have come to the right place. There are many options, and it can be a difficult decision. I suggest that you really look inside yourself to determine not only the type of work you want to do in the Army, but also consider your post Army career. The branch you choose can also determine the work you will get after you have served in the Army.

This post can help you if you are in the ROTC, or if you are just considering your future choices in the journey of life. I am posting a complete list of Army Branches for Officers. Now keep in mind that there are certain branches for Officers that can only be attained if you have already received a college degree in that area of expertise. The other branches can be entered by completing Officer Candidate School (OCS).

Special Branches

In the following branches, Officers are usually Direct Commission. This means they attained a degree in the branch before they joined the Army.

  • Medical. The Medical Branch has Officers that can come through OCS, but Doctors, Nurses, and some other specialty Officers are direct commissioned after earning their degrees. This also includes Dental and Veterinary branches.

  • Chaplains. The Chaplain Branch is a direct commission after the individual earns their degree.

  • Judge Advocate General Corps. This Branch is also a direct commission after the individual earns a law degree.

Regular Branches For Officers

These are the Army Branches for Officers that can be attained by attending Officer Candidate School:

Air Defense Artillery

Officers in Air Defense Artillery are experts in the deployment, tactics and procedures of all uses of Army Air Defense Artillery. The MOS for an Air Defense Artillery Officer is 14A.


Controlling and leading troops in ground combat is the chief function of the Infantry Officer. The MOS for Infantry Officers is 11A.

Corps of Engineers

The Engineer Officer has a wide range of responsibility. It could be building a structure or even supporting ground combat functions. It covers a full spectrum of engineering duties. The Engineer Officer MOS is 12A.

Field Artillery

The 13A, Field Artillery Officer is an expert in the deployment and operation of cannons, missiles and rockets to support Army assets in field operations. He/she understands the tactics and procedures with precision.


There are several Officer opportunities in the Aviation Branch. Naturally, pilots are officers, but Aviation encircles a large area. The MOS for them are:

  • 15A General Aviation Officer

  • 15B Aviation Combined Arms Officer

  • 15C Aviation Intelligence Officer

  • and 15D Aviation Maintenance Officer


War has moved into new realms, and Cyber Warfare is one. A Cyber Officer is a 17A and has expertise in all forms of Cyber activity and techniques. This usually falls within the Signal Corps Branch.

Special Forces

I probably should have put this in the special section, but any chosen Officer in Special Forces can come from any of the other branches, but normally Infantry. The MOS is 18A.


Armor Officers are the experts in tank and cavalry operations. They are the supporters of combat operations. There are 3 various Armor Officers:

  • 19A General Armor Officer

  • 19B Armor Officer

  • 19C Cavalry Officer


The Telecommunications Officer is an expert in all forms of telecommunications. In this age of technology, we need this tool. The Telecommunications Systems Engineer Officer is a 24A. This Officer will fall into the Signal Corps Branch.

Signal Corps

As stated in the Telecommunications above, this Officer will be an expert in communications and information technology. The Signal Officer MOS is 25A.

Electronic Warfare

This Officer position also falls into the Signal Corps Branch. As titled, this Officer is an expert in electronic warfare. The MOS is 29A.

Military Police

As an Officer in the Military Police Branch, you will be an expert in security, law enforcement, police intelligence and more. You are similar to the Chief of Police or Sheriff in the civilian world. Officers in the Military Police Branch carry a MOS of 31A.

Military Intelligence

It is Intelligence Operations that have saved lives and ultimately won wars and battles. Military Intelligence Officers are experts in all forms of Intelligence Gathering, Sorting and Support of combat operations. There are several MOS positions for Officers in the Military Intelligence Branch. They are:

  • 35D All Around Military Intelligence Officer

  • 35E Counterintelligence Officer

  • 35F Human Intelligence Officer

  • 35G Signals Intelligence Officer

Financial Management

While this Branch may be considered in the specialty branch area, I decided to install it here. A Financial Officer usually is garnered from those who have a college degree in Financial Areas. The MOS for this Officer is 36A.

Civil Affairs

The Civil Affairs Officer is an expert of all forms of Civil Affairs. The MOS for this position is 38A.

Foreign Area

Foreign Area Officers are experts in the area they have chosen. They are normally proficient in the particular language. There are many MOS designations depending on the area of service:

  • Latin America 48B

  • Europe 48C

  • Southern Asia 48D

  • Eurasia 48E

  • China 48F

  • North Africa and the Middle East 48G

  • Northeast Asia 48H

  • Southeast Asia 48I

  • Africa 48J


Chemical Officers are experts in all forms of chemicals used within the Army. It could be weapons or cleaning items. The MOS for this is 74A.

Logistics Corps

This Branch entails several different areas that at one time were separate branches. Ordnance, Quartermaster and Transportation all falls within the Logistics Branch now. There are many MOS positions:

Transportation: 88A-D

Ordnance: 89E and 91A

Quartermaster: 92A and D

Final Thoughts

I believe that covers all the Branches for Army Officers. If I have missed anything, please let me know. Please share this with teenagers who have a goal of becoming an Officer in the United States Army. Hopefully, this post can help them decide which Branch would be best for their future.

You can leave any comments, questions or suggestions below. Thank you and have a great day.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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