List of Army Bases in the USA as of 2019

Over the years, there has been many Army Bases within the United States and her territories. Some have been shut down, and others have been expanded.

In today’s post, I am going to go through all the operating Army Bases in the USA as of 2019. I will go State by State, and I will give you some brief facts about each base.


Fort Rucker: Fort Rucker is located primarily in Dale County, Alabama. It has entrances from 3 cities which include Enterprise, Ozark and Daleville. Fort Rucker is the “hot spot” for Army Aviation. It is the location of the USAACE (United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence). The Commanding General of Fort Rucker is Major General Michael Lundy.

Redstone Arsenal: Redstone Arsenal is the primary location of missile development and testing for the U.S. Army. It is located in Madison County, Alabama near Huntsville. The Commanding General of Redstone Arsenal is General Dennis Via.

Anniston Army Depot: The Anniston Army Depot is located in Calhoun County, Alabama. It is the location of weapons storage and also a hub of Army maintenance. The Commander of Anniston Army Depot is Colonel Martine Kidd.


Fort Greely: Fort Greely is primarily a location for anti-ballistic missiles. It is the coldest Army Base in the U.S. It is about 100 miles South and East of Fairbanks, Alaska. The Commanding General of Fort Greely is Lieutenant General David Mann.

Fort Richardson: Fort Richardson is the Army’s half of a joint base called Elmendorf-Richardson. The base iteself is controlled by the Air Force, and is located in Anchorage, Alaska. The Commander of this base is Colonel Brian Bruckbauer.

Fort Wainwright: Fort Wainwright is located in Fairbanks, Alaska. It is home of the 25th Infantry Division and the 1st Stryker Brigade. Commander of Fort Wainwright is Colonel Sean Williams.


Fort Huachuca: Fort Huachuca is one of the busiest Army bases in the United States. It is also a very old base, being built in 1877. It is home to NETCOM and the U.S. Army Intelligence Center. Commander is Major General Scott Berrier.

Yuma Proving Ground: The Yuma Proving Ground is an Army installation about 30 miles from Yuma, Arizona. It is used to test weapons the Army uses and for training purposes. Colonel Randy Murray is the Commander of the Yuma Proving Ground.


Pine Bluff Arsenal: Pine Bluff Arsenal is just North and West of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The primary use of this Army facility is the manufacture and storage of chemically laden weapons and equipment. The Commander of Pine Bluff Arsenal is Colonel Chadwick Bauld.


Fort Hunter Liggett: Fort Hunter Liggett is located about 150 miles South of San Francisco. It is a small Fort that is used primarily for training. The Commander is Colonel Jan Norris.

Fort Irwin: Fort Irwin is located in the Mojave Desert near Barstow, California. It is a major training facility for troops and units. The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment is stationed at Fort Irwin, and acts as the opposing force in training exercises. The Commander is Major General Joseph Martin.

Los Alamitos Army Air Base: This base is located in Orange County, California. It is used as a Joint training facility. Originally a Naval air base, it was transferred to the Army.

Presidio Of Monterey: This Army Base in Monterey, California is the location of the Defense Language Institute & Foreign Language Center. The Commander of the Presidio of Monterey is Colonel Paul Fellinger Jr.

Sierra Army Depot: Located near Herlong, California, the Sierra Army Depot is a storage facility for munitions. The Commander is Lieutenant Colonel Brian Kuhn.


Fort Carson: Fort Carson is a very busy Army base located near Colorado Springs. It is used for training, and is also the home for multiple Army units. Commander is Major General Ryan Gonsalves.

District of Columbia

Fort Lesley McNair: Fort Lesley McNair is the home of National Defense University. It is also one of the oldest Army bases in the United States.


Fort Benning: Known as the home of the infantry, Fort Benning is a very large, and busy Army Base. It is at Fort Benning where I received my basic training. Airborne training is done at Fort Benning. The Commander is Major General Austin Miller.

Fort Gordon: Fort Gordon is the home of the Signals Corps and also Army Cyber Center of Excellence. The Commander of Fort Gordon is Major General Stephen Fogarty.

Fort Stewart: Fort Stewart is the largest Army Base on the East coast. It is home to the 3rd Infantry Division. Fort Stewart also has control of Hunter Army Airfield. If action is required East of the United States, many troops use Fort Stewart as the home base. Commander of Fort Stewart is Colonel Townley Hedrick.


Fort Shafter: This Fort with Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Airfield was a prime target for Japanese Kamikazis during World War II. The Fort is the Headquarters of Pacific Army Command. The Commander of Fort Shafter is Lieutenant General Vincent Brooks.

Pohakuloa Training Area: This Army installation is in the high country of Hawaii. Bradshaw Army Airfield is also at the Pohakuloa Training Area. The Commander is Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Peterson.

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Rock Island Arsenal: This is the largest Army munitions manufacturing bases in the United States. The Rock Island Arsenal is located between Rock Island, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa. The Commander of the Rock Island Arsenal is Colonel Elmer Speights Jr.


Fort Leavenworth: Fort Leavenworth is considered the intellectual Fort. It is a hub of training and also houses a huge prison complex for both military prisoners and Federal prisoners. The Commander is Lieutenant General Robert Brown.

Fort Riley: Fort Riley sits in central Kansas and is the home of the 1st Infantry Division. Fort Riley also has one of the highest amounts of deployed soldiers. Commander is Colonel Andrew Cole.


Fort Campbell: Fort Campbell is the home of the 101st Airborne Division. Commander of Fort Campbell is Colonel James Salome.

Fort Knox: Yes, Fort Knox is where all the Government gold is, but it is much more. It is also home of Army Human Resources Command, United States Army Cadet Command and the United States Army Accessions Command. The Commander is Major General Peggy Combs.


Fort Polk: Fort Polk is known for its Joint Readiness Training Center. I do know this is the location where my Uncle completed AIT before deploying to Vietnam. The Commander of Fort Polk is Brigadier General Timothy McGuire.


Aberdeen Proving Ground: As stated, Aberdeen Proving Ground is a location where the Army tests munitions and other agents. The Commander is Major General Bruce Crawford.

Fort Detrick: Located in Frederick, Maryland, Fort Detrick is the primary center for the biological defense program of the Army. The Commander is Colonel Robert O’Brien IV.

Fort Meade: Fort Meade is the home of Army Cyber Command, The Defense Information School, and much more. The Commander is Colonel Brian Foley.


Fort Devens: Fort Devens was partially closed in 1996, but it is still utilized as a training location. The Commander of Fort Devens is Lieutenant Colonel Charlette Woodard.

United States Army Soldier Systems Center: This installation is in Natick, Massachusetts and is used for research and development. The Commander is Brigadier General William Cole.


Camp Shelby: This Camp is primarily a National Guard and Reserve Training site, but it is also used as a mobilization location. Commander of Camp Shelby is Colonel Greg Michel.


Fort Leonard Wood: I am very familiar with this Fort. I used to work construction in St Roberts where Fort Leonard Wood is located. It is a major Army Fort where basic training along with several schools are. The Commander is Major General Kent Savre.

New Jersey

Fort Dix: Fort Dix is now a part of a complete Joint Operational Base by the name of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. It is now controlled by the Air Force, and there is little Army activity at Fort Dix.

New York

Fort Drum: Fort Drum is home of the 10th Mountain Division. It is a training and support site for troops who are being mobilized. The Commander is Colonel Bryan Laske.

Fort Hamilton: This Fort is located in the Brooklyn area of New York City. It is the Headquarters of the Corps of Engineers, and is also a heavy recruiting zone for the Army. The Commander of Fort Hamilton is Colonel Joseph Davidson.

West Point: I could not leave out the United States Military Academy at West Point. The Superintendent of West Point is Lieutenant General Robert Caslen Jr.

Watervliet Arsenal: This Army arsenal is the oldest active arsenal in the United States. It still produces much of the artillery the Army uses. The Commander is Colonel Lee Schiller Jr.

North Carolina

Fort Bragg: Fort Bragg is considered to be the largest Army installation in the world. It is home to both the U.S. Army Airborne and Special Forces, as well as Army Forces and Reserve Commands. The Commander is Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend.


Fort Sill: Fort Sill is located in Lawton, Oklahoma, and is the spot that Artillery units and soldiers are trained. The Commander at Fort Sill is Major General John Rossi.


Carlisle Barracks: Located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, this is the location of the Army War College. Lieutenant Colonel Greg Ank is the Commander.

Letterkenny Army Depot: Letterkenny is the Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence in missile repair and maintenance. Commander is Colonel Deacon Maddox.

Puerto Rico

Fort Buchanan: Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, and may even become a State in the future. I live in Puerto Rico, and Fort Buchanan is a huge base just outside San Juan. The Commander is Colonel Michael Harvey.

South Carolina

Fort Jackson: Fort Jackson is home of the Army Chaplain School, and the TRADOC home for Basic Combat Training. Commander of Fort Jackson is Major General Roger Cloutier Jr.


Fort Bliss: Another huge Army Fort is Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. Bliss is the home of the 1st Armored Division, as well as many other units. The Commander of Fort Bliss is Major General Stephen Twitty.

Fort Hood: Fort Hood is a rather large Army Fort near Killeen, Texas. It is home to many different units with a strong show of Cavalry. The Commander is Colonel Todd Fox.

Fort Sam Houston: Fort Sam is located is San Antonio. It is a major medical training Fort for the Army. The Commander is Colonel Steven Toft.

Red River Army Depot: This Army Ammo Depot has been slated for closure several times, but remains open. The Commander is Colonel Brandon Grubbs.


Dugway Proving Ground: This is an Army location that is used for the testing of weapons. It has been a highly controversial site. The Commander is Colonel Sean Kirschner.

Tooele Army Depot: This is a storage site for Army munitions. The Commander is Colonel Roger McCreery.


Fort A.P. Hill: This Fort near Bowling Green, Virginia is used as a training site for many different military forces. Commander is Lieutenant Colonel David Meyer.

Fort Belvoir: Next to the Pentagon, Fort Belvoir may be the next most important Dept. Of Defense hub of operations. The Commander is Colonel Michelle Mitchell.

Fort Eustis: In 2010, Fort Eustis hooked up with Langley Air Force Base and became Joint Base Langley-Eustis. It is home to the Army Transportation Corps. The Commander is Major General Anthony Funkhouser.

Fort Lee: Fort Lee is the home of CASCOM, ScoE, Army Quartermaster School, and more. The Commander is Colonel Paul Brooks.

Fort’s Myer and McNair: Mcnair is where the National Defense University is and Myer is next to Arlington National Cemetery. These all merged with the Marine’s Henderson Hall into Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall. The Commander is Colonel Michael Henderson.


Fort Lewis: This Fort merged with the Air Force Base McChord and became Joint Base Lewis-McChord. This is used as a quick deploying base.


Fort McCoy: Located in Monroe County, Wisconsin, Fort McCoy is used for training in what can be harsh weather. The Commander is Major General Karen LeDoux.

Final Words

There you have it…The U.S. Army Installations still in operation.

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