List of 63 Army Additional Duties for Officers and NCOs

What I’d like to do in today’s post is provide a list of 63 Army Additional Duties for Army Officers and NCOs. I’ve compiled this list by referring to different regulations and websites online. I have no idea if it is 100% current or accurate, or if I have covered every single additional duty possible. However, I do believe this is a good starting point if you are looking for a list of Army Additional Duties at the company and battalion level.

Being an NCO leader in the Army is relatively easy. In the Army, we have standards for everything we do, and they guide our daily activities. We have standards for training, safety, leading, fighting, recovery, inspection—the trick is, of course, knowing what the standards are, or at least knowing where to find what the standards are. ~ Association of the United States Army

63 Army Additional Duties

Here is the list, in no particular order:

  1. Administrative Ky Control Custodian (Primary and Alternate)
  2. Arms Room Key Control Custodian (Primary and Alternate)
  3. Arms Vault Rack Lock and Key Custodian
  4. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Coordinator
  5. Armorer
  6. Weapons Card Issuing Official
  7. Arms, Ammunition and Explosives Control Officer
  8. Arms Room Officer
  9. Army Physical Fitness Test and Program Coordinator
  10. Casualty Assistance Officer and NCO
  11. Calibration (TMDE Support) Coordinator
  12. Calibration NCO
  13. Cash Collection Control NCO
  14. Class A Agent
  15. Classified Records Custodian
  16. Convoy Officer
  17. Command Supply Discipline Officer
  18. Destruction Officer (Medical Material)
  19. Dispatcher
  20. Driver Training / Test Examiner
  21. Reenlistment NCO
  22. Equal Opportunity Advisor
  23. Family Readiness Group Coordinator
  24. Field Sanitation Team Member
  25. Force Protection Officer
  26. Food Services Coordinator and Officer
  27. Hazardous Material Certification
  28. IMPAC Card Holder
  29. Key and Lock Custodian
  30. Line of Duty Appointing Authority
  31. Maintenance NCO and Officer
  32. Mobilization NCO and Officer
  33. Motor Pool Key Access Roster
  34. NBC NCO and Officer
  35. NCOER Coordinator
  36. NCODP Manager
  37. Information Systems Security Officer and NCO
  38. Mail Clerk
  39. Physical Security NCO and Officer
  40. Property Book Officer
  41. Unit Public Affairs Representative
  42. Publications and Printing Officer
  43. Report of Survey Appointing Authority
  44. Retention and Transition NCO
  45. Safety NCO and Officer
  46. Security Manager
  47. Small Arms Repair Parts (SARP) Representative
  48. Sponsorship Program Coordinator
  49. Supply Officer
  50. Training NCO and Officer
  51. Unit Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP) Coordinator and Monitor
  52. Unit Movement NCO and Officer
  53. Weight Control Program Officer and NCO
  54. Voting Assistance Officer
  55. Claims Officer
  56. Unit COMSEC Custodian
  57. Unit Prevention Leader
  58. Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator
  59. Anti-Terrorism Trainer
  60. FOO Officer
  61. Range OIC
  62. Range Safety
  63. Inspector General Liaison

It is the duty of the squad/section/team leader to account for his soldiers and ensure that they receive necessary instructions and are properly trained to perform their jobs. A noncommissioned officer’s duties are numerous and must be taken seriously. ~ Army Study Guide

63 Army Additional Duties

Do yourself a favor and study this list of additional duties and see if any of them are a good fit for you.  I truly believe that every officer and NCO should have at least one additional duty, to contribute to the success of the team and to learn a new skill.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about my list of Army Additional Duties?  Did I leave one out?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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22 thoughts on “List of 63 Army Additional Duties for Officers and NCOs”

  1. Back in 1984 I had an additional duty to perform minimal barracks upkeep maintenance, what I couldn’t do, I referred to someone else, I’m drawing all blanks on what the position was called and who I referred job orders too???

  2. Never realized the amount of additional duties require of officers and NCOs… But, seeing as they’ve been recognized and proven as responsible, it makes sense for these duties to be delegated to officers and NCOs rather than a first year Private or someone like that.

  3. Though it may be overlooked, I think that Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor is one of the most important additional duties available. Combat affects everyone differently and the rate of current and former soldiers who struggle with addiction is pretty high, it always has been. Whether it’s a soldier who is injured and gets addicted to opiates or just being overwhelmed and dealing with the stress of being away from loved ones. Having someone there to help these soldiers deal with their demons in a constructive way and stay, or get back on track will help them when they leave service as well.

    1. I just now caught this comment Ty, and you made an excellent point. Alcohol and substance abuse can be a huge issue, and often it is looked upon as a normal thing with military personnel. I have seen many who we all think are doing just fine slip into “closet drunks,” and we don’t realize how bad it is until it is too late.

      Very good comment and I agree, this would be a great additional duty that officers should consider.

  4. This is a very good and well-researched list. I believe that a soldier would be wise in really researching how much that additional duty can help them after military service. I can see where many of these would be great experience for after military service in a civilian job.

    Now “Fair Wear and Tear” officer—LOL. I am trying to think of an application for that in civilian life. (marriage maybe–Don’t you dare tell my wife..LOL)

    Ones that I believe would be great choices are: 5,13,26,28,36,38 and many more.

    1. Thanks. It took me a while to put this list together. I think all NCOs and Officers should have at least one other additional duty. It teaches them new things and gives them added responsibility. Obviously, some additional duties are harder and more time consuming than other duties. Those are the ones you want!

  5. Had to sign a signature card and everything… Trust me, I was shocked/confused as well. I think our Supply NCO (I am the Automation Officer at a BDE HHC) must spend too much time reading the regs… (we didn’t have one when I was the XO of the NSC)

      1. As I did some research into the “Fair Wear and Tear” officer, I believe that maybe the supply NCO had discovered something that many others don’t know. It seems the Financial Liability Officer does have a Fair Wear and Tear Officer to aide with the duties of whether a soldier or officer needs to pay for damaged equipment.

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