This is the Privacy Policy for Please know that your privacy is very important to me. I will never share your personal information with any other organizations or individuals. I keep all information you provide me confidential. That means I don’t share your information with anyone. The only exception to this policy would be if I receive a subpoena from a Judge, telling me to do so.

However, I do collect and use the data used in log files such as your IP (internet protocol) address, ISP (internet service provider), the browser you used to visit our site (such as Firefox or Internet Explorer), the time you visited my site and the pages you visited on my website. This gives me information about my visitors, such as what country they are from, what pages they entered my website on, and what pages were viewed.

Furthermore, you will notice some Google Adsense and other advertising on my website. Google places ads on my site based upon specific keywords I tag each page with. I do earn revenue from the program. Please keep in mind that I do not choose the ads Google places on my site. Other advertisements on this site are affiliate products I recommend. In most cases, I am an affiliate with these programs and do earn a commission from your purchase.

In the event you subscribe to any of my email services, I will never sell your contact information to a third party. That includes your name, email, phone, address, IP address or any other information. I do sometimes rent my mailing list. When this happens, someone provides me an ad and I email that ad to my list. I do not give third parties my specific list information ever.

If you have any questions about my privacy policy don’t hesitate to ask.  Just visit the contact me page.


chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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