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This is the FTC Affiliate Disclosure for Part-Time-Commander.com.  You should understand that we sometimes recommend affiliate products on our website.  Please know that when we endorse another product, we typically have an affiliate relationship with the company, and do earn a commission from the sale.

We never fake a testimonial and very seldom will ever promote a product we haven’t tried ourselves.  Some of the common affiliate programs we promote on this website might include Amazon affiliate, Google AdSense, and Clickbank products.  This is not a comprehensive list, because sometimes we change/add/modify our affiliate relationships.

In addition, we might accept paid advertising on our site. In other words, we might let a select group of individuals and businesses promote their products, services and businesses on our website, or in our newsletter. We receive compensation (a fee) for letting them advertise on our website. If you see a paid advertisement on our website, it does not mean we endorse the product or service.

Thanks for reading our FTC Affiliate Disclosure. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)
Publisher, Part-Time-Commander.com
Email: mrchuckholmes@gmail.com

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