June IDT Sample PT Plan

This month I have chosen to focus, AGAIN, on Upper Body strengthening.  I do so as our unit just had its annual APFT and it amazes me to see so many grown men struggle with such a simple task…PUSHING YOUR OWN BODY WEIGHT UP.  Remember, it is up to you to assess your Soldiers and determine where their weaknesses lie.  If this area seems to be the most failed event and/or your Soldiers can’t lift heavy equipment (or their own body weight), then perhaps this workout is for you.

For this workout you will need nothing but some open space and a pull-up bar.  If you are not a fortunate unit and do not have a gym, improvise and use the resources you do have to complete this workout.

EXERCISE                                                      REPS

Wide Grip Pull-ups                                         Failure

“Frog” Pushups                                                Failure

L-Shape Pull-ups                                             Failure

“Spiderman” Pushups                                   Failure

5-Position Pull-ups                                        Failure

Iso-Climber Pushups                                    Failure

“Hindu-Pike” Pushups                                  Failure

3&3s                                                                    Failure

1&1s                                                                     Failure

“Spiderman” Jumps                                      Failure

Plyo-Pushups                                                  Failure


Wide Grip Pull-ups: Self explanatory

“Frog” Pushups: Get into a pushup position, do a pushup.  Once back at the start position, keep your hands in place and “jump” your feet to where your hands are.  Jump right back into the front leaning rest and do another pushup.  Repeat.

L-Shape Pull-ups: Do a pull-up, but maintain a “L” shape with your legs erect from your hips.

“Spiderman” Pushups: Start in the front leaning rest position.  Now take your left hand and move it a few inches back towards your feet.  Take your left foot and position it a few inches towards your hand.  You should look like Spiderman climbing a wall.  Do a pushup from this position and alternate your left and right hands, doing a pushup each time.

5-Position Pull-Up: Do a wide grip pull-up.  Hop off the bar and then do a wide-grip reverse grip pull-up.  Then utilize a neutral grip.  Then, an underhand grip and finally, a close-hand grip pull-up.  Repeat that 5 set until failure.

Iso-Climber Pushups: Simply do a pushup and when back in the front leaning rest, take your left knee and raise it as if you are kneeing yourself in the forehead.  Do the same with the right.  Do another pushup. Repeat.

“Hindu-Pike” Pushup: Place your body in the “authorized rest position” with your butt in the air and a forward lean.  From this position, do a pushup.  Then, jump your legs out a few inches and dip your head and maneuver your body as if you were sneaking under a fence.  Return to the pike position and repeat to failure.

3 & 3s: Do three squats.  Do three pushups.  Do three pull-ups.  Repeat ‘til you can’t no mo’.

1 & 1s: Do a pushup.  Do a pull-up.  Repeat.  Each set, switch up your grip and your hand positions (i.e. wide grip pull-up and then wide pushup).

“Spiderman” Jumps: Same as the “Spiderman” pushups but in between your left and right switch, stand up and jump (just like you’re doing a burpee!)

You’re done now, right?….WRONG!  At this point, it is your call, you can go for another round and repeat that workout or do 20-30 minutes of cardio workout.  I recommend this… get on your knees and posture yourself upright.  Fall forward (as if you are going to fall on your face!) and catch yourself in the pushup position.  Simply explode back upward into the erect posture.  Continue to do so until you reach muscle failure!

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)
Publisher, Part-Time-Commander.com
Email: mrchuckholmes@gmail.com

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4 thoughts on “June IDT Sample PT Plan”

  1. I think what makes this routine so great is the variation of pushups. Challenging your muscles and your “muscle memory” is the only way to facilitate growth and improvement. Simply changing your hand spacing can even help!

    1. Very true. If you work out a lot, you really need to mix things up. Just doing the same routine all the time is just as bad as not working out at all. Use a combination of push up styles, try other upper body exercises and change your frequency and routine often.

  2. Upper body strength is by far the most difficult to improve. I personally do not like pushups at all. My daughter, on the other hand, thinks they are cool and can out perform me (she’s 9). However, because I am not alone in this, I think it’s great, Justin, that you dedicated a post to this particular area. You have a lot of great exercises in this workout, plenty to where you can mix it up any time you want. Nice job!

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