How to Correct Your Retirement Points Statement NGB Form 23

Making sure that your NGB-23: Retirement Points Statement is 100% accurate is very important.  Accuracy on this report ensures that 1) you can retire one time and 2) you are being paid the correct retirement pay based on the correct points.  Here are some simple steps on How to Correct Your Retirement Points Statement (NGB-23). 

Step 1: Review Your Statement. This is sounds pretty simple, but get on your iPerms and obtain your NGB-23.  Look it over and make sure that it matches the previous year’s statement (with respect to past points earned) and then review for the current year.  Make sure that the schools you went to (TDY: Active Duty, etc.), correspondence courses and other point sources are accurate.  If they are not then…

Step 2: Grab Your Backup Paperwork: If you are not already currently backing up your physical paperwork that is on iPerms…you probably should!  No, I take that back…YOU MUST! If you find a discrepancy on your NGB-23, go searching for the backup paperwork.  Perhaps you have an old LES which verifies dates for orders or a 1059 which was overlooked.  I know it sounds silly, but mistakes happen.  Before you bring up an issue, make sure there is actually an issue and verify your paperwork.

Step 3: Talk with your S1 or Readiness NCO. Now that you have done your due diligence, compile your paperwork and address the issues with your S1 shop.  Always, in my opinion, vet the issue through your Readiness NCO first.  The reason I say so is because they usually are able to resolve issues much quicker with your Battalion staff than you can… Not only that, but they may be able to point out why there is a mistake or if you are way out in left field with your assumptions.

Step 4: Follow Up. Don’t do all this work and then drop the ball.  Follow up from time to time until the issue is resolved.  Make sure that they are iPerming your corrected paperwork and as always, make sure you have a copy as well for your files!

Final Thoughts

In most cases, your NGB 23 will be accurate.  However, it’s your job to manage your career effectively, and to review your important documents from time-to-time to make sure everything is accurate.  Review your NGB Form 23 at least once a year and if you find any discrepancies, follow the advice I listed above to fix it.

What are your thoughts? What process do you use to correct your Retirement Points Statement (NGB-23)?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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7 thoughts on “How to Correct Your Retirement Points Statement NGB Form 23”

  1. You can never take for granted that your NGB 23 will be accurate, even if it has been. Mistakes can and do happen. You don’t want to wait until it is too late to realize a correction needs to be made. Many soldiers don’t know what to do in the event of a discrepancy so this post will go a long way to helping them take the steps necessary to insure they are getting their full benefit.

  2. Great post Chuck. We as humans sometimes trust systems a little too much when it comes to paychecks and retirement. I noticed here that there were statements about computers being accurate. Yes, for the most part, they are; but the humans programming or installing the data do make mistakes. It is wise to keep track of all and confront the discrepancies immediately.

    1. Good point, Greg. A lot of Soldiers don’t even check their retirement points statement (NGB Form 23). They take what it says at face value! Most of the time it is right, but sometimes there can be mistakes. If you don’t check you don’t know!

  3. I had my points all messed up for about fifteen (15) years, with no help from my chain of command or my Reserve UA’s. It took a Congressional inquiry to get them fixed. Sometimes you got to do what you have to do in order to get things done!

  4. I agree, I have not experienced much in the way of Soldiers having issues since these retirement point statements are controlled via computer. However it is always smart to make sure things are 100% accurate. A few minor errors can mean a good chunk of change!

  5. Good article, Justin. I never had any issues with my NGB 23 while I was in, but many of my Soldiers did. Most of the vetting was done through the Readiness NCO. Our Soldiers got an updated NGB Form 23 every year on their service anniversary month for review. If the Soldier found an error, they would bring in their supporting documents and the Readiness NCO would review them and process paperwork with the S1 Office an SIDPERS. In most cases, the issues were fixed within about two to three weeks. These mistakes do happen from time to time, but since most of the statements are done automatically via computers, they’re pretty accurate.

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