Home Business Ideas for Soldiers and Military Folks

Today, I want to share some popular Home Business Ideas for Soldiers.  I understand that not all of you are interested in owning a part-time home based business.  This article is for the people that ARE interested, or would like to learn more about the topic.

During my time as an Officer I ALWAYS had a part-time home based business.  This let me earn extra money and provided a substantial tax savings for me at the same time.  It also gave me a plan B and eventually led to a full-time income.  I personally believe everyone should have their own part-time business, but that’s just my opinion.

That being said, there are MANY different types of home based businesses.  You are only limited to your creativity, your passion, and your strengths and skills.  What works for one person might not be the best option for someone else.  Only you can decide what is best for you.

Listed below are some of my favorite business models that I have PERSONALLY done through the years with success (the only exception is personal trainer).  This post is really designed just to get you to CONSIDER YOUR OPTIONS and see what is available.

Please note that most of these ideas only take 5-10 hours per week, so they aren’t overly time consuming.

1.  eBay Store

I’ve been selling on eBay more than a DECADE now.  It’s still my biggest income source.  Even if you are busy with work, it’s very doable to sell 10-30 items per week on eBay.  You can start out by selling unused items around the house.  This will teach you the ropes of selling on eBay.  Once you do that, you can find a drop shipper, or you can sell for others, or you can shop around town to find merchandise to sell.  I personally visit Thrift Stores, auctions and yard sales to find merchandise to sell on eBay.  The estimated start up costs would be less than $200.

2.  Blogging

If there is a topic you are very passionate about, you could consider starting a blog or website.  This website started out as a hobby and then turned into a business.  You can create a blog about any topic imaginable.  You simply write blog posts a few days per week.  As time goes by, you can build a following and then you can monetize your blog by selling advertising, doing affiliate marketing or selling your own products.  I own three blogs and make a nice income blogging.  All of them were started part-time! The estimated start up costs is $100 per YEAR, which covers your hosting and domain name.

3. Direct Sales

I’m a big fan of direct sales.  I’ve been in the industry since 2002.  This is where you team up with an established company and earn a commission for selling the products or services to others.  For the person who likes sales, or is passionate about a product line, this is a great option.  You could sell food, cosmetics, jewelry, weight loss items, cell phone services, and countless other things. Most of these companies cost less than $100 to get started and they are all designed to build part-time.  See my favorite direct sales company.

4. Freelancer

Working as a freelancer is fun and easy to do.  If you are good at writing, or editing, or video graphics, or making videos, typing, computer graphics or anything else, you can sell your services as an independent contractor.  You can leverage sites like Elance.com or Craigslist.com and find projects to bid on.  What’s great about doing this is that you can work from home, at your own pace, and only bid on projects that interest you.  It’s practically free to get started.  You just need to get your name out there so people know what you have to offer.

5. Tutoring

Tutoring could be a good option.  If you are good at math, or writing, or science, or English, or any other popular subject, you could sell your services as a tutor to high school students or college students.  You could charge by the hour.  Lots of people are looking for tutoring, so I believe this is a viable business.  The best thing is you can work as much or as little as you like.  It’s pretty much free to get started.

6. Personal Trainer

Most Soldiers are in pretty good shape and know a lot about fitness.  You could get certified as a personal trainer and then sell your services.  You could partner up with a local gym or go it on your own!  Good personal trainers are always in high demand, so this might be a great option for you.  Most trainers make at least $40 per hour, so it can be very profitable.

Final Thoughts

Once again, these are just 6 of the THOUSANDS of different options you have to start your own home based business.  The truth is, most people could use some extra money.  And saving money on taxes would benefit people as well.  The best thing about owning a part-time business is the skills you learn and if you do things right, you can turn your part-time business into a full-time business when you want to leave the military (retire or ETS).

What are your thoughts about having a part-time business while you are in the Army?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Home Business Ideas for Soldiers and Military Folks”

  1. I would say if you possess a skill: i.e. tutoring or personal training, then that is a good way to pick up some extra money. Start slow at first. Don't overtax yourself and make sure you can make all of your commitments.

    Ebay is great if you don't have any marketable skills or you simply lack the time to do as much outside the home. Again, start small. Send out a few items a week and maybe you'll find the right niche of items to sell. Extremely low risk option.

  2. All of these are good ideas, for civilians as well. I do one through four myself, though some a lot more than others. I was interested to see that you did not include purchasing a franchise. Would that be because you would then be tied to a specific location? Or would it be because of the high failure rate? I am just wondering.

    1. Franchises are not bad, by any means. They have a high success rate, but the start up costs are MUCH higher than an online business, AND I do not want to be tied to a physical location every day (other than my home).

  3. These are great ideas for part time home based businesses. I do 1 thru 4 and I’ve been looking at tutoring as well. I love the opportunities that the internet has to offer. Of course, everything takes effort and a willingness to try. I’ve always felt that if I was going to put my heart and soul into something then I want to own it — and once you do that then it’s really REALLY hard to work for someone else! What’s nice about 1 thru 4 is the ability to let your partner/spouse participate and help you with your endeavors.

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