General Thomas J. Stewart Medal

The General Thomas J. Stewart Medal shall be awarded to members of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and Pennsylvania Air National Guard upon recommendation of their unit or organizational commanders, for one hundred percent attendance and excellence in drill, including annual field training, during any one year. Only one of these medals shall be awarded to any one individual.

Here’s the criteria for the medal from the PMR 672-1, dated 01 May 98:

General Thomas J. Stewart Medal

a. The General Thomas J. Stewart Medal will be awarded by The Adjutant General of Pennsylvania to eligible members of the Pennsylvania National Guard for excellence in the performance of duties while assigned to any unit of the Pennsylvania National Guard. A prerequisite for the award is one hundred percent attendance at all unit training assemblies and annual training during a training year (Oct-Sep). Constructive credit for annual training while on ADT/ADSW is qualifying service for this award.

b. Award will be made upon recommendation of the member’s unit commander by letter in two copies after the end of the training year to: The Adjutant General of Pennsylvania, ATIW: MP-PSB. Only one of these medals will be awarded to any one individual.

Final Thoughts

The General Thomas J. Stewart Medal is a great way to recognize Soldiers who complete all drill assemblies and go above and beyond what is expected of them.  If you know of anyone who has ever received this medal, or if you have nominated someone for this award, I would love to hear your story.  Just leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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13 thoughts on “General Thomas J. Stewart Medal”

  1. From 92 to 98 I was with 107th FA and I was never awarded the Stewart. Not only did i have perfect attendance, I also had plenty of ADSW time as well. Any way of finding out how i can get mine?

  2. I too received the T.J. Steward medal from my Guard unit back in 2000. I didn't even know it until skimming through my discharge papers. My old unit is the Hometown Armory in Tamaqua and is a short drive for me so I may have to pay them a visit.

  3. Edgar Mitch jr

    I did indeed receive this medal while stationed with the 728th maintenance b&b in Lock Haven Pennsylvania

  4. I just now was able to leave a message at my old guard unit in Philly. I explained my desire to receive said medal. Now i will wait to see what–if anything–positive happens.Wish me luck.

  5. Question—My discharge paper–21 Feb 1970—under Decorations,Citations,Medals, Badges,Commendations and Campaign Ribbons awarded or authorized—States I did indeed receive the ''General Thomas J Stewart Medal.—-I NEVER DID. I suppose back then I didn't care that I hadn't. Into my 70's now I would like to have it . Does anyone out there know how I can do this–after these 40 plus years? Thank You.

  6. This award has such a unique and specialized criteria that I bet few people outside of Pennsylvania military personal are aware of its existence. Thanks for sharing! I’m sure the individual whom this award is named after would be greatly honored.

  7. SFC Billy Heatherly

    I do have this award from when I was with a great unit, the 1st of the 229th Field Artillery in New Castle, PA. I want to keep this award on my uniform and chest, but there is no documentation of it in my record. Could somebody please help steer me in the right direction to get this corrected so I could keep this award. I was with the afore mention unit from Sept 88 to June 93. Please, you can email me at and thank you for your help.

  8. People underestimate the importance of attendance and full participation at drills. The National Guard assists in many significant situations, and being well trained is paramount to successful operations. When you think of how few days in a year these soldiers have to gather for training and preparation, you really have to admire how much they get done in a small amount of time. This award is a meaningful way of recognizing soldiers who meet that commitment, not just showing up for duty, but showing excellence in anything they undertake.

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