Fort Stewart, Georgia: 22 Cool Facts

Today, we are going to look at another State of Georgia Army installation. If you have been stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia, you may be familiar with some of these facts. But there is also a chance you do not know them all. So here are 22 cool facts about Fort Stewart, Georgia.

If by chance, you know of any other facts not listed here, feel free to tell us in the comment section. Also, if you have any questions, just ask them at the end.

These facts are in no particular order. I am just installing them as I research.

Fact #1: Location

Fort Stewart, Georgia is located in Southeast Georgia and is spread into 5 counties:

  1. Liberty
  2. Bryan
  3. Evans
  4. Long
  5. Tattnall

And the nearest town to Fort Stewart is Hinesville, Georgia. The nearest city is Savannah, Georgia which is about 40 miles away.

Fact #2: Area Covered

Fort Stewart covers an area of approximately 280,000 acres.

Fact #3: Year Built

World War II was happening and the Army needed an anti-aircraft artillery training center. In 1940, Congress approved the purchase of the land in Southeast Georgia for this purpose. It was designated Fort Stewart in November of 1940 and much construction was completed by mid 1941.

Fact #4: Ports

Fort Stewart controls 2 deep water ports somewhat away from the actual Fort.

  • Savannah
  • Charleston, South Carolina

Fact #5: You Should Know This Song By Heart

If stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia, it is wise that you know the words to the Marne Song, otherwise known as “Dog Face Soldier.”

The lyrics are:

I Wouldn’t Give A Bean
To Be A Fancy Pants Marine
I’d Rather Be A
Dog Face Soldier Like I Am

I Wouldn’t Trade My Old OD’s
For All The Navy’s Dungarees
For I’m The Walking Pride
Of Uncle Sam

On Army Posters That I Read
It Says “Be All That You Can”
So They’re Tearing Me Down
To Build Me Over Again

I’m Just A Dog Face Soldier
With A Rifle On My Shoulder
And I Eat Raw Meat
For Breakfast E’V’RY Day

So Feed Me Ammunition
Keep Me In Third Division
Your Dog Face Soldier’s A-Okay

Fact #6: Named For

Fort Stewart was named after a Revolutionary War hero who was from the general vicinity. Brigadier General Daniel Stewart was with the Georgia Militia and served in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

Fact #7: Airfield

Another part of Fort Stewart is the Army’s longest runway strip on the East Coast. Hunter Army Airfield as well as Truscott Air Deployment Terminal are part of Fort Stewart.

Fact #8: Primary Home For

Fort Stewart is the base location of the 3rd Infantry Division and the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.

Fact #9: 1943 Prison

In 1943, Fort Stewart held many German and Italian POWs and they were tasked with construction and farming duties around the camp.

Fact #10: Fort Stewart Inactivated

In 1945, Fort Stewart was inactivated. It stayed like a ghost base for 5 years until the Korean War started. It was reopened in 1950 as a training area for soldiers.

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Fact #11: Training During World War II

Training at Fort Stewart during World War II consisted of using WASPs to tow antiaircraft targets. The base also trained for postal service and cooks and bakers to feed soldiers.

Fact #12: Training Vietnamese Pilots

South Vietnam pilots were trained in flying helicopters in preparation of the Vietnam War.

Fact #13: The Army Takes Over Hunter Field

The United States Air Force controlled Hunter Field up until 1967 when they decided to abandon it. The U.S. Army quickly took control of the air field and it became a helicopter training area.

Fact #14: Hunting And Fishing Heaven

Hunters and fishermen love Fort Stewart. It is like a dream come true. There are around 350 various species of wildlife and 80 species of freshwater fish.

Fact #15: Coast Guard At Hunter Field

Hunter Army Airfield also houses the Savannah unit of the United States Coast Guard who maintains the Southeastern coast search and rescue missions.

Fact #16: 1973 Shut Down

After the Vietnam War in 1973, Hunter Field was shut down and Fort Stewart only had training for National Guard units.

Fact #17: The Ranger Fort

In 1974, the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment parachuted into Fort Stewart to call it home. Hunter Field was reopened to support Ranger training.

Fact # 18: 24th Infantry

In 1974, the 24th Infantry was reactivated at Fort Stewart and also made the Fort its home.

Fact #19: Gulf War

When Iraq invaded Kuwait, Fort Stewart soon looked like a ghost town as nearly everyone was deployed to the Middle East.

Fact #20: 24th Inactivated – 3rd Infantry Division Activated

In 1996, the 24th Infantry Division was inactivated and the 3rd Infantry Division was reactivated and took over ownership of Fort Stewart.

Fact #21: Some Things To Do In Hinesville

While many people just go to Savannah, there are some neat things to do in Hinesville just outside the Fort Stewart gate.

  • Farmers Market every Thursday from 4 – 7 PM.
  • Monthly art exhibits at the Hinesville Area Arts Council Gallery
  • Festivals include: Blues, Brews & BBQ, the Scarecrow Stroll and Small World Festival.

Everyone says it is a nice town offering Southern hospitality.

Fact #22: Don’t Forget The Fort Stewart Museum

Last but not least is the Fort Stewart museum that gives you an up close look at the history of this Georgia Army installation. With great reviews from Trip Advisor, be sure to visit this Army museum.

Final Thoughts

When you add everything put together, Fort Stewart, Hunter Airfield and the ports, the Fort Stewart, Georgia Army installation is one of the largest installations.

The 3rd Infantry Division proudly calls it home.

We would love to hear from any or all who are, or have been stationed at Fort Stewart. Tell us your experience and how you liked the location.

Thank you for visiting.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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  1. You have nothing on army fixed wing flight training. Primary training was held at Fort Stewart late ’60’s. Graduates went on to complete advanced training at Fort Rucker. Alabama.

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