Force Multipliers to Enhance Your Army Career

In the Army, there is a concept known as a force multiplier.  In essence, a force multiplier is an attribute, or a series of attributes, that makes a force better than it would be without that attribute.  Some examples of force multipliers in the Army include:

Any of these attributes can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of a force.

For the purpose of this article, I want to share a different view of force multipliers.  I want to share some force multipliers that YOU can use to enhance YOUR military career.  I’ll give 8 attributes and explain how each attribute can help you out.

  1. Skill (Results) – Without a doubt the fastest way to enhance your military career is to be good at what you do.  You must be results oriented.  You must be technically and tactically proficient; a master at your craft.  You need to be known as the go to person who can get anything done right, and done on time.  You won’t make it very far if you aren’t skilled.
  2. Network – Everyone has a network.  This is a series of people who know, like and trust you.  Your key to success in your military career  is to expand your network with influential decision makers in your organization.  No, I’m not talking about kissing butt.  I’m talking about building strategic relationships with the right people.  Who you know matters.  And what those folks think of you is even more important.
  3. Character – This is simple.  Do what you say and say what you do.  Do the right thing, even if no one else is watching.  Have integrity and tell the truth at all times.  Once you lose your integrity, you’re done!
  4. Work Habits – You won’t achieve success if you are a slacker.  Go to work early and stay late.  Be productive.  Be excellent and be efficient.  Be known as the person with the “just get it done” attitude.  You don’t always have to work long hours, but when you are at work, make sure you are working!
  5. Image – You need to look like a Soldier.  That means you don’t get fat, you stay in shape and you make sure your uniform is squared away at all times.  You look and act like a Soldier.  This tip should be common sense, but lots of military leaders mess it up.  You also need to have a positive image of yourself and others.  This shows when you interact with others.
  6. Creativity – Don’t be a “yes” person or always do things by the book.  Don’t always go to your boss when you have a challenge.  Think outside the box.  Use the creative side of  your brain.  Look at what everyone else does and do the opposite.  Trust your instincts.
  7. Attitude – Have a good, positive mental attitude.  Never talk bad about others.  Be realistic, but think positive.  Always look for ways to improve your attitude.  Don’t hang around a bunch of negative people.
  8. Luck – Some people will say that some people are luckier than others.  That might be true.  I think if you follow the seven steps mentioned above, you will get lucky!  Luck comes to those who are prepared and work hard.

In summary, the Army has force multipliers that give units certain advantages when needed.  I also believe there are force multipliers ALL Soldiers can use to enhance their own careers.  The 8 tips mentioned above would be a good starting point for any Army Soldier. By getting a little bit better in each area you can make huge advancements in your career.

What are your thoughts?  What is a force multiplier you use to give yourself a cutting edge?

Post any comments or questions below. Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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2 thoughts on “Force Multipliers to Enhance Your Army Career”

  1. Chuck,
    Some excellent points! I believe one of the most effective force multipliers a Soldier or Leader can have is the ability to reduce the time associated with repetitive tasks (tactical or administrative). The key is to find a methodology or series of tools that can achieve this goal in a quick and efficient manner. These could include developing a library of ready made classes, SOPs, briefings, counselings, etc. Websites like: and have a large collection of high quality tools that increase a Soldier’s/Leader’s effectiveness. By reducing the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks leaders have more time to spend with their Soldiers, more time to concentrate on mission requirements, Family members, and/or time to relax and enjoy a better quality of life by having a little less stress in their lives. Work smarter not harder.

    1. Good points, Mark. SOPs, benchmarks and systems are all force multipliers. During my time in command I wasn’t real big on SOPs, but knowing what I know now, I should have focused more on them.

      Anything you can do to save time and do things better is vital. Time is money!

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