Five Ways to Improve Your Attitude

I cannot stress the importance of having a good attitude.

One of the quickest ways to improve the morale in your unit is to improve your own attitude.

If you are a leader, you set the tone for the organization.

The attitude of the boss is the attitude of the team.

If you are always negative, sarcastic, or pessimistic, you will have a negative effect on your unit.

The best leaders are the leaders with good attitudes.

That doesn’t mean you need to be happy and chipper all the time.

Instead it simply means that you need to be aware of your attitude.

If you are having negative thoughts or feeling down, the best thing you can do is to “keep it to yourself.”

I learned a long time ago that Soldiers have enough things to worry about.

The last thing they need to hear about is attitudetheir leader’s problems.

Does that make sense?

I understand that we all have different personalities and temperaments.

That’s okay.

The true secret to success is to be aware of your attitude.

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Listed below are five simple things you can do to improve your attitude.

They are listed in no particular order:

1. Set Goals: One of the easiest ways to improve your attitude is to establish written goals.

By doing so, you have something to strive for.

Your subconscious mind is a natural goal oriented mechanism.

If you have goals (personal and professional) you have something to work for and something to look forward to.

This will have a positive impact on your attitude.

2. Get Enough Sleep: It amazes me how many Americans simply do not get enough rest.

Sometimes I am guilty of this myself.

Whenever I get 6-9 hours sleep, I feel like a new person.

I am more alert and typically feel great.

If you aren’t getting much sleep at night try going to bed one hour earlier.

3. Read: I think it’s a good idea to read self-help and inspirational books from time.

Try to read one good book a month to help improve your attitude.

It’s not that the reading itself will improve your attitude.

Instead, you will learn some great ideas on how to improve your attitude.

4. Stay Active: if you are like most people, you are probably stuck behind a desk and computer most of the day.

Countless studies have shown that people who get regular exercise and stay active have a better attitude, and feel better about themselves.

Make physical fitness a priority.

Do PT every day.

Go to the gym.

If you are busy, go before or after work.

5. Build Relationships: It’s easy to forget that the people we work with are “people” too.

So many people don’t know anything about the people they work with.

Now, I’m not saying you have to be “buddy buddy” with the people you work with, however, you should know a little bit about them, such as the names of their family, their birthday and some of their goals.

I’ve always felt that the best, most effective leaders were the ones who cared about their subordinates.

In conclusion, attitude is everything.

As a leader, you must be consciously aware of your attitude, because it affects everyone who works for you.

Some of the best ways to improve your attitude include (1) set goals; (2) get enough sleep, (3) read, (4) stay active, and (5) build relationships.

I hope this helps you become a better leader.

Do you have any attitude improvement suggestions?

Any comments?

Please post them below and have a great day!

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5 thoughts on “Five Ways to Improve Your Attitude”

  1. Setting goals is very important and I think most people only set vague goals like "Do a good job." You need to set specific goals such as "I'm going to complete three evaluations this week."

    Also, get some sleep. I know you don't have any time, you're just so busy. I'll be there is 1-2 hours a day you are doing something that could be replaced with sleep. You probably could skip that lest episode of Law and Order.

    1. Most people definitely don’t get enough sleep. I know I used to be sleep deprived. It has a big impact on your quality of life, performance and attitude. Setting specific goals is also vitally important.

  2. Whoever said that attitude is everything was absolutely correct. When your attitude is good, it reflects. As a leader, it is very important that you maintain a good attitude.

    You mentioned getting enough sleep, and you are right. On the other side of that are those who sleep too much. By sleeping too much, you can generate a bad attitude also.

    I believe the types of media we watch and listen to can also effect our attitude. Making better choices on the shows we watch and the music we listen to can help our attitude a lot.

    This was a great post and I strongly recommend we all take a good look at our attitudes.

  3. Nothing spread quicker than a bad attitude and the impact on unit or team morale can be devastating. You have great tips here that work for people in the military and the civilian world. For me, practicing some daily quiet time or meditation gives me a chance to reflect, calm me down and certainly improves my attitude. A priority to physical fitness is important too. Regular exercise is a total stress buster.

  4. It’s going back a long way, but some of Dale Carnegie’s early books on this subject were quite good. Not just psychobabble, but solid advice about how to build a positive attitude and make it work for you. How to Win Friends and Influence People is a classic that uses old-fashioned language but is well worth the time investment.

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