Dog Welcoming Their Soldier Home

There’s something about the connection between a man and his dog.  Dogs aren’t called man’s best friend without reason.

As Soldiers, sometimes we have to deploy or go away for several months, and sometimes much longer.  Deployments, schools and TDYs are a way of life, both on Active Duty and in the USAR and ARNG.

When you have to leave your dog for any period of time, this creates a huge sadness for both the Soldier and the dog.  The dog might end up feeling abandoned, even if it’s still in the same home (with the wife and kids).  And in other cases, the dog might have to go stay with a distant relative or even be put up for adoption (in some rare cases).

While the hardships of being gone are definitely real, a magical thing normally happens when the deployed Soldier returns home.  I’ve shared a few of my favorite YouTube videos below of dogs welcoming home their Soldier.  If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, I’m not sure what will.  Enjoy.

I hope you enjoy these videos. If you’ve ever deployed and left your dog at home, I would love to hear how your welcoming home ceremony went. Just leave a comment and let us know.

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6 thoughts on “Dog Welcoming Their Soldier Home”

  1. One great alternative for a single soldiers who have no one to watch over their dogs while they are deployed is a great group called Dogs on Deployment, and yes, it often goes by the acronym DoD.

    This organization, found at, helps the soldiers arrange quality care for their pets for the full period of their deployment. The website has a place for soldiers to list their locations and the pet in need, while folks at home can register as a foster home for pets.

    While most of the match-ups happen in the same state the deploying soldier is currently stationed in, I have seen stories of foster families travel several states to pick up their new foster dog. It’s a great program for any soldier deploying who needs someone to care for their pets while they are gone.

  2. Animals have absolutely no shame in expressing their emotions, loyalty, and unyielding love for their owner. These videos truly capture the special bond that exists between a man and his dog. Even when a dog has the benefit of being home with family the sensation of missing their favorite soldier is very real. Add in to this the fact that dog time makes a deployment seem absolutely interminable and it’s no wonder that these dogs were so thrilled to have their soldier return.

  3. Dogs and their people have some of the strongest bonds I have ever seen among living creatures. Dogs can actually go into a depression when separated for a lengthy amount of time from their owners, a deployment being topped only by death. We have a dog, or, I should say, my daughter has a dog, for Rose knew right away that Miki was her human. When Miki is gone for a couple of days, visiting her dad or at a friend's house for a sleepover, this poor dog starts out extremely anxious, and then settles into a sad puddle on her bed to await the return of her girl. Imagine how much harder on a dog whose soldier is deployed?

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