Distribution Platoon Leader: Interviews with Real Soldiers

This is an interview with a Distribution Platoon Leader.  Enjoy.

What Is Your Job Title?

Distribution Platoon Leader for a RSTA Forward Support Company

What is the Job Description for Your Duty Position?

Platoon Leader responsible for 25 Soldiers, officially a part of the Brigade Support Battalion, but assigned to the 1-82 CAV (RSTA) squadron. Responsible for planning and training for distribution mission, typically for Class I, III, V items, also responsible for troop transport as needed. Responsible for mission readiness and equipment readiness of 15 vehicles; as well as the welfare, health, and development of subordinate Soldiers.

What Type of Unit Are You In?

A Forward Support Company that supports a RSTA squadron.

What Are Your Primary Duties and Responsibilities?

  • Collective training
  • Soldier and equipment readiness
  • Plan missions
  • Develop subordinate Soldiers

What Do You Like Most About Your Job?

My Soldiers make my job more than bearable. It is much easier coming to work knowing that my troops are ready to train and ready to do whatever the mission calls for, no matter what. They motivate me as much as I motivate them, and they are what I live and breathe for.

What Do You Dislike About Your Job?

I dislike being M-Day, and I dislike thinking about my future after Company Command. I do not like the idea of being a Staff Officer.

What Are Your Biggest Accomplishments Since Taking Your Job?

Leading my platoon independently of my company on more than 6 occasions in the last 10 months has been great development for me. I have learned how to integrate and train with a line unit and helped my Soldiers understand a new mission.

What Are the Best Tips You Can Share for Someone About to Take the Same Job That You Have?

  • Take the time to develop a good working relationship with your PSG, especially if you are not familiar with logistics.
  • Make sure you learn about the kind of equipment you have and the capabilities of your Soldiers.
  • Take some time to think about what you want to accomplish while you are in the position, such as improving APFT scores and 100% DMOSQ, for example.
  • Set the standard and enforce it.
  • Do your counselings!

Can You Tell Us A Little Bit About Your Military Experience?

I enlisted into the Army National Guard in 2003 as a 92F for an aeromedical evacuation unit. I got a permanent non-dual status technician job as the program analyst for the State Army Aviation Office. I changed MOS to flight operations NCO in early 2008, right before I was promoted to SGT. I deployed in support of OIF to Joint Base Balad, where I extended to work at COB Adder doing public affairs. I attended accelerated OCS at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA in the summer of 2010 after returning home from Iraq.

Soldier Biography

1LT Candace Ginestar is the distribution platoon leader for 1/D (RSTA FSC) 141 BSB for the 1-82 CAV (RSTA) headquartered in Bend, OR. She has been in the military since 2003, deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, served as an NCO, and commissioned in 2010. She attended Oregon State University from 2001 to 2007, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. She is currently attending Liberty University, earning a Master of Arts in Human Services – Military Resiliency. She lives in Klamath Falls, OR with her husband, Jesse.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)
Publisher, Part-Time-Commander.com
Email: mrchuckholmes@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “Distribution Platoon Leader: Interviews with Real Soldiers”

    1. Candace Ginestar

      Thank you Susan! I was lucky to have had this position for just under 3 years! I loved every second of it and had the best group of Soldiers working in my platoon. I am very proud of all they accomplished and will continue to accomplish! It can be hard to move on, but it was necessary. Thanks for the nice comment!

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