DA Form 31 Overview

The DA Form 31, or Request and Authority for Leave is a form that is typically utilized by Active component units to…well, request and authorize leave.  As NG and AR Soldiers, we typically do not deal with this form unless perhaps we are on AGR, ADOS or Title 10 Orders in which we should need to be familiar.  Here is a quick breakdown…Barney style…block by block for you!

PART I: General Admin Information and Leave Request

Block 1:  Don’t worry about the Control Number…

Block 2: Name…Last, First, MI…pretty self explanatory here.

Block 3: SSN, or Social Security Number…again, simple.

Block 4: Ok, if you need assistance filling out these first 5 blocks, maybe going on leave shouldn’t be your biggest priority.

Block 5: Today’s Date

Block 6: Leave Address: Where are you going? Home? Then, put your home address… Vacation? Put the address of the hotel or resort you will be staying at…

Block 7: Type of Leave: Well, let’s look at each option…

  • Ordinary- You are cashing in on that leave you have accrued and getting some much needed R&R…
  • Permissive TDY- Just as it says, Permissive Temporary Duty is authorized by your Commander in addition to your block leave.  For example, a CO may allow a few days of PTDY when you PCS to another duty station.
  • Emergency- Wife is having a child.  Parents are ill and in the hospital, etc.
  • Other- Well…other.

Block 8: Organization. Station and Phone No: Fill in this block with the contact number and other pertinent contact information for your unit.

Block 9: Number Days Leave: Utilize your LES for this one… Basically, you must fill in the number of days leave you have, how many you want to use during your leave, if you have any advanced to you and finally, any excess days leave.

Block 10: Dates: What dates will you be taking leave…simple?

Block 11: Signature of Requester… SIGN IT DUMMY!

Blocks 12 & 13: Supervisor Recommendation/Signature: This is where your approver will say “YES” or “NO” and sign.

Blocks 14, 15 & 16: This is basically your “CHECK OUT” and “CHECK BACK IN” boxes.  You will have your DA Form 31 signed when you leave by your departing authority and when you get back.  Also, if you must extend your leave, that is done in Block 15.

Block 17: Any remarks by an approving authority… Do not write in this block!

PART II: Emergency Transportation and Travel

This section will be filled out in the instance you are requesting Emergency Leave as discussed above… This section will contain summarized information about how to return home after the Red Cross has coordinated emergency leave.  There will also be important contact numbers, etc. in this section that you will need to reference as you travel to and from…

PART III: Dependent Travel Authorization

Block 25: You are taking your wife, child or other dependent on leave with you… Basically, there are two options:

  • There is room available in your car or other mode of transportation with you
  • Your dependent will need authorized transportation with you

Once you check in either block, indicate whether this is just one-way or round trip!

Last, list your dependents, their relationship to you, DOB and Passport Number.

PART IV: Authentication for Travel Authorization

Do not write in this block, silly.  This space is reserved strictly for the person who is authorizing your travel.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I hope this was a helpful, but not too insulting breakdown of the DA Form 31 and how to fill one out!

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)
Publisher, Part-Time-Commander.com
Email: mrchuckholmes@gmail.com

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  1. It never hurts to have some explanations on filling out forms.

    Nobody likes to fill them out and this post gives people a good guideline.

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