DA Form 1687 Signature Card: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s post, I’d like to teach you about the DA Form 1687 Signature Card.

The military is known for its meticulous paperwork, and the DA Form 1687 Signature Card is an essential piece of documentation in the U.S. Army. While it might seem like just another form, the DA Form 1687 holds significant importance in terms of authorization, accountability, and control over valuable resources. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the DA Form 1687, shedding light on its purpose, elements, and why it’s a critical asset within military operations.

Defining the DA Form 1687 Signature Card

The DA Form 1687, also known as the “Notice of Delegation of Authority – Receipt for Supplies,” serves as a written record of authorization granted to individuals to receive property, supplies, or services on behalf of a military unit or organization1.

In my own words, it tells who is authorized to pick up or receive supplies or property on behalf of someone else.

da form 1687 signature card

Key Elements of the DA Form 1687 Signature Card

What you will see below are the key elements of the DA Form 1687 Signature Card.

  1. Delegated Authority: The form designates individuals who are authorized to receive supplies or services on behalf of a particular unit or organization. This delegation of authority ensures accountability and control over the distribution of resources.
  2. Unit Information: The DA Form 1687 includes details about the unit or organization, such as the unit’s name, address, and UIC (Unit Identification Code).
  3. Authorizing Officer: The authorizing officer is a higher-ranking individual within the unit who grants the delegated authority to specific individuals. This officer’s name, title, and signature appear on the form. Normally, it’s the commander of the unit.
  4. Authorized Individuals: The names, ranks, and signatures of the individuals authorized to receive supplies or services are documented on the form. These individuals are accountable for the items they receive.
  5. Types of Supplies/Services: The form specifies the types of supplies or services that the authorized individuals are permitted to receive. This ensures clarity and control over the distribution process.
  6. Effective Date: The DA Form 1687 indicates the date on which the delegated authority becomes effective, ensuring that all transactions are properly accounted for.

Importance & Purpose

The DA Form 1687 Signature Card serves several critical purposes within military operations:

  1. Accountability: By designating specific individuals who can receive supplies or services, the form establishes accountability for the distribution of valuable resources.
  2. Control: The form ensures strict control over the release of supplies, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or misuse.
  3. Efficiency: Authorized individuals can quickly receive necessary supplies without the need for repeated approval, streamlining logistical processes.
  4. Recordkeeping: The DA Form 1687 serves as an official record of who received what supplies or services, facilitating accurate recordkeeping and audits.

In the complex world of military logistics, the DA Form 1687 Signature Card stands as a vital tool for maintaining accountability, control, and efficiency. By delegating authority to specific individuals, this form safeguards the distribution of supplies and resources, ensuring that they reach their intended recipients while maintaining meticulous records.

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