DA Form 1379: What it is and How it Works

In today’s post I want to educate you about DA Form 1379.  This form is titled “U.S. Army Reserve Components Unit Record of Reserve Training.”  The form is used by units in both the Army National Guard and Army Reserves.  The document provides a by name listing of all Soldiers assigned to the unit.  The purpose of the document is to track drill attendance and determine drill pay.

Here are a few things you should know about DA Form 1379.  It is used to:

  • Record drill attendance and status for assigned and attached personnel
  • As a source document to very accuracy of unit payrolls
  • As a permanent record of retirement points earned
  • As a basic report for reflecting unit performance and constructive attendance
  • As historical record of unit training
  • For annual training attendance
  • By reinforcement training units (RTU), IMA detachments, and USAR school student detachments to record authorized training of attached non-unit Soldiers.
  • To determine eligibility for benefits if injury or death is incurred while in training

In most USAR and ARNG units the DA Form 1379 is prepared by the Readiness NCO and is reviewed by the 1SG and Company Commander prior to the end of drill weekend.  Once reviewed, the Company Commander signs the form and then gives it back to the Readiness NCO.  At this point, the Readiness NCO submits it to the USPFO or Pay Office so the drill pay can be processed.

If you have experience filling out a DA Form 1379, I really want to hear from you.  Please educate us about the codes, how it works, and any tips you might have for Readiness NCOs and Company Commanders.  Just leave a comment to let us know.

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12 thoughts on “DA Form 1379: What it is and How it Works”

  1. Ok I did some Military classes online and received a letter and credit showing I took some classes for points. I fist submitted a 1380 but it was kicked back. I was told to gain retirement points I needed to fill out a 1379. Will that work? Since nobody at my unit has no idea.. Thanks, SFC Carr

  2. I’m a former Readiness NCO and I can tell you that this document is very important. Getting the pay done right and on time was always my biggest priority immediately after drill weekend.

  3. Justin, we had to U code two of my Soldiers once. It worked really well. They knew exactly why it happened, and they were a little ticked off at losing pay, but I bet they don’t make the same mistake again.

  4. Help with codes on sign in sheets for BA’s: I don’t have my book with me right now but I will try to recall them:
    C- if you have members of your unit Mobilized or assigned to WTU (BLUF- Soldiers on your roster doing duty in other locations)
    S- RST schedulded with intentions to make up the BA
    U- Unsat- Soldier did not show up for BA. Counseling statement is required to accompany the 1379.
    M- Soldier just drill for points. This Soldier maybe receiving VA benefits and wish not to receive pay.
    P- present for duty
    R- this code is used if a Soldier forgets to sign out.
    There are more, I just don’t have my book with me at this time..

      1. You’d be surprised how easily this roster gets messed up. The fact that 1SG has these codes at the top of his head is a great thing. Soldier and training management are key to a successful Company and ensures Soldiers are taken care of.

          1. We had some discussion this past drill weekend abou the possibility of utilizing the “U” code as a way to correct “turd” Soldiers who, did show up physically, but didn’t show up (if you know what I mean…) Of course this debate is ongoing and requires some regulation research but… still an interesting approach.

            1. NGR 680-1 pg 18
              Example (3)
              500001203 PERCY, JAMES E03 03-NOV-2013 11 22-JAN-2011 1 U
              500001203 PERCY, JAMES E03 03-NOV-2013 11 22-JAN-2011 2 P
              500001203 PERCY, JAMES E03 03-NOV-2013 11 23-JAN-2011 1 P
              500001203 PERCY, JAMES E03 03-NOV-2013 11 23-JAN-2011 2 P
              Did not present a neat and soldierly appearance, Pd 1, 25 SEP 2010

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