Cool Army Platoon Names

In my opinion, all Army platoons should have a platoon name.

Also known as a platoon nickname, the platoon name, or mascot, is a symbol or term that best defines the platoon.

Platoon names are important because they help “identify” the platoon.

Having a good name will also improve morale and enable Soldiers to be part of a team with its own unique identity.

While I was in Company Command, we chose the term “Spartans” for our company name.

My Soldiers chose this name because it is closely affiliated with proven, strong and competent warriors.

In addition, each one of my platoons had their own unique name.

This had a huge, positive impact on unit morale.

You may choose a different platoon nickname based upon the mission of your platoon.

For instance, if your platoon is a transportation platoon, several example platoon names could include:

  • Roadrunners
  • Night Train
  • Wolf-pack
  • Dawgs
  • Demons
  • Renegades
  • Warriors
  • Spartans

In my opinion, the actual name of your platoon is far less important than simply having a platoon name.

Even if your platoon name sounds different, don’t fret.

As long as it is non-offensive and your Soldiers like it, you are good-to-go.

Each time a platoon is called to attention, all Soldiers sound off with the platoon name.

The platoon name is also used as the greeting of the day when Soldiers greet their Officers and NCOs.platoon names

Personally, I’ve found that having a platoon name is a great way to improve unit morale.

And, it’s really easy to do.

The best thing to do is take suggestions for platoon names from your Soldiers.

Once you have three to five good options to choose from, put it to a vote among everyone in the platoon.

Don’t make the mistake and just pick a platoon name yourself (make a note of that Platoon Leaders).

Remember, you want your Soldiers to “buy-in” to the idea.

That won’t happen if you don’t get their input and let them choose the platoon name.

Once you establish a platoon name, you should have one of your Soldiers “draw” or “paint” a picture that you can incorporate into your unit coin, letterhead, signs, t-shirts, etc.

For example, if your platoon nickname is War-Hawks, you could have one of your Soldiers create a “war-hawk” logo and paint it in your platoon area.

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Here is some additional advice.

If you are a new Platoon Leader and your platoon already has a platoon name, don’t be too quick to change it.

Seek input from your Platoon Sergeant and other NCOs about whether or not they are happy with the platoon name.

If your platoon likes the current platoon name, keep it.

If they want to change the platoon name, change it.

If your platoon doesn’t have a platoon name, take a few minutes to brainstorm some ideas.

Talk with your NCOs and Soldiers about potential platoon names, and then have your entire platoon vote for the platoon name they like best.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, platoon names are very important.

All Army platoons should have a platoon name to identify the uniqueness of the platoon.

If your platoon doesn’t have a platoon name, be proactive and establish one right away.

By doing so, you will improve the morale and cohesion within your platoon.

As an added thought, you could have your musical soldiers develop a platoon song incorporating your new platoon name.

On a side note, I would love to hear your thoughts about having a platoon name.

What are some suggested names you can think of?

How did you pick your platoon name?

To share your thoughts, just leave a comment to this post down below.

46 thoughts on “Cool Army Platoon Names”

  1. Yep. Platoon names are definitely important to morale. A unit is supposed to work and fight as a unit. The platoon name makes that cohesiveness stronger.

    If a new commander comes in and it’s obvious that the platoon is proud of their name, then he needs to leave it like it is. He needs to become a part of that himself and become a proud member.

  2. Theresa Williams

    I love this idea. It really does help build morale and identity. It’s just like why sports teams have names! As for it possibly being a point of division and otherness, I can understand that and am sure that it happens every now and again. However, each Platoon still knows that all together they are in the military, just like every football team knows that even though they’re the Packers and another team is the Vikings, and have a rivalry, they all are still part of the NFL and all play football. Of course, I name everything I possibly can from my car to my computer, and including my kids! It does create a sense of bonding and familiarity and I think that can be so vital in a military lifestyle to success and morale.

  3. In Basic Training I had a real gangsta’ black drill sergeant from Atlanta. He named our platoon Hustle Gang with the motto “Hustle Gang over Errrybody!” Emphasis on Errrybody. We even had our own rap song, and cadence and platoon exercise – the V Ups! Which we got smoked with a lot. But we were high speed and won the High PT Award plus just about every award. A few privates from other platoons actually joined us. Although I won’t miss most of the dumb privates at BCT, I will miss Hustle Gang over Errrybody!

  4. I’m going to get booed right off the page here, but I think platoon nicknames can be detrimental to the Army as a whole. Yeah, it’s great to build morale and all that, but that kind of self identity can create a sense of “otherness” to the point where instead of working together, platoons start to compete – not a good thing when we hardly ever get missions that include only members of our own platoon.

    1. I understand your point, but I must say that friendly competition can be good, as long as it stays friendly. What you are saying Lisa is attached to childish immaturity, and as long as these soldiers all know that it comes to overall teamwork (the Army as a whole) with the platoon and their name being down the list, there is nothing wrong with having nicknames. I believe it builds a teamwork that is good and not bad.

  5. Platoon names can be a great morale boost as long as the platoon supports it. Don't be the platoon leader who comes into a platoon that's got a quality nickname and decide to make their mark by changing the name. It's a ticket to animosity from day one.

  6. Platoon names should be influenced by what platoon you are exp. First platoon is considered red platoon so usually the platoon name starts with r (I.e. renegades, raiders, raven, redbull) second is white. So w is what you have to work with like warlords, walkers, or wardogs. Third is blue so Barrons, bleeders, bigdogs, or blackknights . Fourth is green. Guardians, Giants, or guarddogs.

  7. Having a platoon name is a great way to create teamwork and make everyone feel as if they are part of a family. I agree that it does need to be done in a democratic fashion. If the leader just picks a name, many won’t adhere to it. I also love the part of having an artistic soldier draw up a logo. Teamwork is the whole name of the game, and a platoon name will create teamwork.

    By the way, I really like Vikings.

  8. Amy Skalicky

    I ran across some addition platoon names that I thought were cool, so I wanted to take some time and share them. Dog Soldiers, War Party, and War Hawks were three of my favorite. The most creative though, is The Dead Rabbits, taken from a new York gang from the 1800’s and derived from an Irish saying “dead raibead” which means “man to be greatly feared”. I think a lot of thought went into that one. I also think that a new platoon leader has a golden opportunity immediately by having his guys come up with a platoon name. He breaks the ice, creates camaraderie immediately, and can gain valuable information about his guys just by observing them complete this simple task.

  9. Amy Skalicky

    I ran across platoon names for the 1st Battalion 61st Infantry Regiment “Roadrunners” out of Fort Jackson, SC, and I have to say, they are solid on the coolness factor. Here are some of them: Khaos, Undertakers, Berzekers, Black Knights, Legion of Doom, Marauders, Death Dealers, Warlords, Night Stalkers. The Battalion, as well as each company, has a good Facebook page, with the names and some other good info spelled out in a Facebook note. It might fuel some creativity for other platoons struggling with a name.

  10. I really like the idea of having a platoon name. It creates a sense of identity and family. There is an instant bond, I guess you could say. Your advice about not being quick to change a name if you are a new Platoon Leaders there is already one in place is also sound. No need to step on toes!

    1. It sure does, Leslie. I’ve been in platoons without a platoon name and it was very akward, especially in formation. A good platoon name is worth its weight in gold. Best of all, it’s really easy to pick one.


  11. When I was a platoon sergeant, we were the Tuff Guys. I know, I know, but we in the infantry don’t always spell so good. :) The name came from the guys, something they did on their own initiative. We had shoulder tabs made (we wore them under the left sleeve pocket flap, much as many engineers wore the Sapper tab before it became authorized), and the Tuff Guys tab wasn’t just handed out–it was earned. We used it mostly as a tool to recognize outstanding performance by new Soldiers, with those award decisions made by the team and squad leaders. I found it to be a great tool for motivation and esprit de corps.

    1. The “Tuff Guys” concept is a great idea, Daniel. That one program alone probably had more impact on morale and performance in your platoon than anything else.

      Chuck Holmes

  12. Having a platoon name is definitely the way to go! It helps you bond as a group and as some of you previously said, provides a sense of identity. It’s the small things that make a BIG difference, especially when you will be spending hours upon hours with the same people while you’re hours away from home.

  13. If I had to choose a platoon name I would have to narrow it down between these:

    …and some traditional ones from military phonetic alphabet: Zulu company, Bravo Company, etc.

  14. Some of my favorite Army Platoon Names include:

    Grim Reapers
    Road Runners

    I agree with you Chuck that having a name for your platoon is very important. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I think that is a great idea! In my experience, even if it never has a mascot, a team likes to have a personalized identity. It is a chosen nick-name or a personal inside joke. This probably went a long ways toward building morale, I’ll bet.

    1. So true, Lisa. Having a name is vital. In a way, it gives the team members a sense of identity and something to be proud of at the same time. Everyone wants to be part of something greater than themselves. Thanks for the comment.

      1. Here are some great Platoon Names that I can recommend:

        Heavy Metal

        I hope that helps. Thanks for sharing all these cool Army Platoon Names Chuck.


    2. These are some great Army Platoon Names. Our platoon name was the “Mustangs.” We had t-shirts made and a we also had a large drawing in our platoon area with a Mustang on it. We were all proud to be Mustangs!

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