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Major Charles HolmesHello. This is Charles Holmes, creator of If you have a question or need to contact me, my contact information is listed below. This includes any questions, concerns or recommendations you might have about my website. Common questions/remarks include:

1) Typos on my site

2) Request to guest blog on our site

3) Errors, changes or incorrect information that needs to be fixed

4) A leadership question you might have

5) Or, just to say hello!

Please know that I will not respond to sales offers, link exchange requests, or spam. Also, no profanity, negativity, or crazy drama stuff.

You can contact me by email at

5 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hey Charles,

    I’m just getting back from deployment where my CO was relieved and taking up the reigns as a Company Commander with a month of XO time.

    I cannot seem to find your Part Time Company Commander book, and I’d love to purchase it from you as a guide.


  2. Stephen Massell

    Good morning Mr. Holmes,
    I heard about your book The Army Officer NCO Relationship yesterday and tried to find a paperback copy on Amazon but was unsuccessful. I have twin boys who are in the final stages of applying to West Point and I think this would be a great book for them to read. Would you have another way to purchase it in paperback or audio?
    Thank you

  3. Chuck,
    My father passed in January 2020 he was a collector of a lot of military metals, pins, buttons from uniforms, ribbons. No one in the family wants them as it was just one of dad’s hobbies to collect them. I read above that they can’t be sold, do you have any suggestions?

  4. Erik Merrihew

    I’m trying to find my NGB form 23. I think it got thrown away during my move to another state. I apparently I need this form to get a VA loan. I don’t have it. I’ve been retired since 015. Ca Army National Guard. I don’t think calling my old unit is going to help after all this years. I can’t find a link on ur site to help me get it. I’m trying to get it asap so I can complete the loan application.Any help would be great, thanks sir! Retired Spc. Merrihew.

  5. guillermo torres

    good morning i am a lost soldier i was in the army national guard started in 1983 and on the 90s i was on active duty special work now they cant find my orders of the time i did with adsw my namy is spc guillermo torres email cell number 1(917) 361-4449 please help me am so lost thank u .

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