Command Supply Discipline Program

In the Army, Company Commanders are required to initiate a Command Supply Discipline Program in their respective units, in accordance with AR 710-2, appendix B, and AR 735-5, paragraph 11-1.

The Command Supply Discipline Program is a compilation of existing regulatory requirements.

It is a mandatory program designed to simplify command, supervisory and managerial responsibilities.

Simply put, the Command Supply Discipline Program forces Company Commanders to be fiscally responsible, to maintain and account for their equipment, and to follow established Army Supply procedures.

At the company-level, the Company Commander initiates the program.

He or she must make the Command Supply Discipline Program a top priority.

Otherwise it will fall by the wayside.

Typically, the Company Commander assigns the Company Executive Officer as the CSDP Monitor.

In this position, the CSDP Monitor works closely with the Supply Sergeant to ensure the Command Supply Discipline Program is followed.

The Company Commander works with the CSDP Monitor and Supply Sergeant to establish a Command Supply Discipline Program SOP.

The Command Supply Discipline Program SOP outlines the HOW, WHAT, and WHY supply procedures for the unit.

Although the Command Supply Discipline Program SOP is an important document, key leadership’s attitude towards the Command Supply Discipline Program is much more important.

If the command team views the program as important, the unit will excel.

The Company Commander must develop measures to enforce supply discipline.

This includes the following tasks:

  • Develop CSDP to implement in the unit
  • Provide the personal interest necessary to establish an effective CSDP
  • Identify the appropriate CSDP requirements listing from AR 710-2, appendix B
  • Review the requirements listing within the CSDP to become familiar with the applicable regulatory requirements
  • Make adjustments to the requirements listing as dictated by the unit unique requirements
  • Provide training to unit personnel on supply requirements, procedures and methods
  • Take administrative measures to account for lost, damaged or destroyed property
  • Take disciplinary measures to deter and/or correct fraud, waste, negligent damage and/or loss of government property

The CSDP Monitor usually performs the following tasks:

  • Perform routine duties using the CSDP
  • Review past evaluations conducted by higher headquarters to determine if any discrepancies have not been corrected
  • Perform general regulatory requirements
  • Check property authorization documents
  • Check requesting and receiving supplies
  • Check disposition of property
  • Check property responsibility
  • Check OCIE and personal clothing
  • Check management of loads
  • Check PLL
  • Check inventories
  • Check records for lost or damaged equipment
  • Check Storage
  • Check POL Management
  • Perform automated system checks
  • Check status of CSDP program
  • Submit issues and recommendations to the Company Commander

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The Supply Sergeant usually maintains the day-to-day supply operations within the unit.

His job is to follow Army regulations and maintain proper accountability and serviceability of the unit’s equipment.

The Command Supply Discipline Program is designed to validate and improve his or her performance.

Whether you are a new commander or current Company Commander, you must make the Command Supply Discipline Program a top priority.

To get started, check to see if you have an appointed CSDP Monitor on orders.

If you don’t, appoint your Company Executive Officer or another Officer as the CSDP Monitor.

Next, review the unit’s current Command Supply Discipline SOP.

If it makes sense to you, have your key leadership spot check it to see if everything is good-to-go.

Please get your Supply Sergeant’s input too.

If you don’t already have a Command Supply Discipline SOP, do a quick Internet search to find a base document.

Once you get a base document, have your Supply Sergeant and CSDP Monitor prepare a first draft to submit to you for your revisions and approval.

Once your Command Supply Discipline Program SOP is in place, you can move to the next step.

Next, you need to ensure that your CSDP Monitor conducts (minimum quarterly) self-inspections to validate compliance.

Once he or she has finished this task, have them brief you on the Command Supply Discipline Program self inspection results.

If you fail your self-inspection, analyze your results and start making improvements.

Also, if you do well, you should also set goals for continuous improvement.

If you need extra help, don’t hesitate to ask your Battalion S4 Officer or NCOIC for assistance.

Your Property Book Officer is also a valuable resource.

If your unit continues to excel, you should consider submitting your unit for the Department of the Army Supply Excellence Award.

If you don’t know anything about that, do an Internet search to learn more.

It’s a great way to recognize your key supply personnel who make you look good as the Company Commander.

In conclusion, the Command Supply Discipline Program is extremely important.

The purpose of the Command Supply Discipline Program is to ensure Company Commanders are fiscally responsible, to maintain and account for their equipment, and to follow established Army Supply procedures.

Most importantly, the Command Supply Discipline Program is a mind-set that must be embraced by everyone in the organization, in order to achieve lasting success.

Do you have any tips or ideas for Company Commanders and the CSDP?

Please comment below.

Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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5 thoughts on “Command Supply Discipline Program”

  1. Company commanders have many programs to supervise and it's easy to let some fall to the side; don't let it be supply. Messing up supply and costing the government money is a sure fire way to find yourself in hot water and putting a halt to your career.
    Supply is very easy for someone to inspect and if your stuff is air tight, it will make a good impression.
    A messy supply is a like a messy car; it sends all kinds of bad signals.

  2. The Command Supply Discipline Program sounds very important. I believe all military leaders need to be fiscally responsible for the supplies and equipment they are in charge of. There needs to be checks and balances and some type of system to keep everything in order.

  3. Thank you for the information on the contents of the Command Supply Discipline Program and the importance of this for Company Commanders. You make a good point about leadership’s attitude towards the program being equally important as the program itself. Your team is more likely to buy in if they see the leader is on board.

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