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Military Auctions: Good to Know Stuff

When new equipment is brought in, much of the old military equipment is put up for auction. I have decided to give you a variety of good things to know about military auctions. If you are interested in purchasing used military equipment or supplies, you will understand how and where you can do this. How […]

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Top Five Military Websites

There are a host of military websites and blogs that are geared towards helping Soldiers, giving information, leadership development, and many other facets of military service.  How do you even narrow down where to start? I admit, even I am overwhelmed at what to look at first. If I am looking for information on a […]

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  Army Counseling Online is a website with counseling resources for today’s Army leaders.  According to their website “Army Counseling Online is home to the popular U.S. Army leadership software products Counsel Quick, Award Quick and Rater Quick.  The products were designed to reduce the amount of time Army leaders spend preparing paperwork at their […]

If You Like Our Content, Please Share It: Review is an awesome website for current, future and former Army leaders, both Officers and NCOs.  According to their website, “AskTOP is a blog that connects you to a network of active and retired military leaders who answer your Army leadership questions.”  Whenever you have a leadership question, or need advice about something, you can […]

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Today, I’d like to share a review of  This website is an amazing online bookstore and resource center dedicated to today’s military leaders.  I learned about the website today when I was contacted by Mark Gerecht, the owner of the company. The website is published by Mentor Enterprises, Inc. an education company based out […]

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My Top Three Favorite Army Websites and Blogs

In this post, I would like to share my top three favorite military websites.  Please know that I chose these websites based upon their content, not their specific website stats (links, Alexa Rank, Page Rank, etc.).   These are websites or blogs that I visit frequently and enjoy the information.  I’ve also provided a link to […]

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