Supply and Maintenance Tips for Army XOs (Part I)

Even when everything else is going well, supply and maintenance problems can keep your unit from running on all cylinders.  Your unit may just be the best trained in the Battalion, but if your equipment isn’t on hand or doesn’t work right, you won’t get very far. Supply and maintenance are the key duties and responsibilities of …

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battalion s4 duties

Battalion S4 Duties and Responsibilities

What are the Battalion S4 duties, responsibilities, and job description? In layman’s terms, the Battalion S4 is responsible for the supply, transportation, logistics, maintenance and budget issues within a battalion. In short, they are the Battalion Logistics Officer. To keep things simple, the Battalion S4 is part of the Battalion Commander’s staff. They work directly …

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Command Supply Discipline Program

In the Army, Company Commanders are required to initiate a Command Supply Discipline Program in their respective units, in accordance with AR 710-2, appendix B, and AR 735-5, paragraph 11-1. The Command Supply Discipline Program is a compilation of existing regulatory requirements. It is a mandatory program designed to simplify command, supervisory and managerial responsibilities. …

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