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Army Cyber Awareness Program Overview

As a person who works on the internet consistently, I completely understand the importance of being cyber aware. There are thieves, trolls, hackers and spammers roaming the internet jungle and many would love to get into the heart of the military web presence. The title of this post could be slightly misleading because when it …

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Troops to Teachers Program: Facts and Overview

The United States is in the midst of a terrible problem… While many of you are aware of the news on North Korea, Russia and other mainstream issues, one problem sitting like a time-bomb set to explode is lack of teachers in the educational system. It seems there are many factors keeping many younger university …

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Military Auctions: Good to Know Stuff

When new equipment is brought in, much of the old military equipment is put up for auction. I have decided to give you a variety of good things to know about military auctions. If you are interested in purchasing used military equipment or supplies, you will understand how and where you can do this. How …

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Climbing Everest For Awareness

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a huge issue for many soldiers who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan and in other conflicts around the world. Often misunderstood, there are people, groups and organizations that are trying to raise awareness and help defeat this terrible disorder that puts soldiers in veterans in dire straits on a …

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