Best Military Schools for ARNG Captains

Today, I want to share some recommended military schools for ARNG Captains.   On our leadership call last night I had someone ask me what schools ARNG Captains should be attending BEFORE they make the rank of Major.  So, I wanted to take a few minutes and answer that question.

The only required military school on this list is your Captain’s Career Course, but I do believe that some of these other military courses would be very beneficial for your career advancement.  All of these courses (except pre-Command and the Captain’s Career Course) are offered as resident courses at the Professional Education Center in Little Rock.

  • Captain’s Career Course – This course is offered by each branch and is a pre-requisite to getting promoted to Major.
  • Pre Command – Most states offer their own pre-command course, which is typically a pre-requisite to taking Company Command.
  • Support Operations Course – This is mandatory for logistics officers to get their 90A designation.
  • ORTC-110 Strategic Planning and Management – This is a wonderful professional development course to teach you the process of strategic planning.
  • ORTC-400 Leadership Development Course – This is a great course to hone your leadership skills and learn how to develop your subordinates.
  • ORTC-203 Basic Project Management – This course will teach you how to manage projects, a valuable skill for when you become a Battalion or Brigade Staff Officer.
  • HRR-030 Officer in Charge – This course will prepare you for any OIC position you might have as a Captain.

***** To learn more about these courses visit the PEC website.

Two additional options could include Airborne and Air Assault School.  Additionally, you might want to start working on your Master’s Degree too.

There are many other developmental courses that vary by officer branch (visit the PEC website to learn more).  But most of the courses listed above would apply to any officer branch.

As a rule of thumb, I personally believe it’s a good idea to complete one military course per year.  This keeps you competitive and teaches you news skills.  I don’t believe you NEED all of the courses mentioned above to get promoted to Major and advance your ARNG career, but attending these courses would NOT hurt your career progression.

What are your thoughts?  What military schools do you think ARNG Captains should attend before they reach the rank of Major?  Just leave a comment to let us know.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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