Battle Of Stones River: Top 10 Facts

How much do you remember from history class about this Civil War battle? Anything?

Well, I am going to provide you some U.S. Civil War education today.

Here are the top 10 facts about the Battle of Stones River.

#1: When?

The Battle Of Stone’s River occurred from December 31st, 1862 to January 2nd, 1863.

#2: Where?

It took place in an area covering approximately 4,000 acres near Murfressboro, Tennessee close to Stone’s River.

#3: Whiskey Breakfast

The Confederate Regiment led by Major General John McCown was quite close to the Union forces on the other side of Stone’s River. He did not want to reveal their location on that December 30th early morning.

McCown did not allow his troops to make fires to cook breakfast. He instead distributed whiskey for their breakfast.

Many of the soldiers were happy with the whiskey because of the cold temperatures.

#4: Leaders

The leaders of this battle were:

  • Union – Major General William Rosecrans
  • Confederates – General Braxton Bragg

#5: Outrageous Amount Of Casualties

This Battle, I believe, holds the record for the second highest casualty count in any Civil War battles. The first was the Battle of Gettysburg.

The Union lost 13,000 and the Confederates lost 11,800.

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#6: Victor

If you consider everything, the Confederates withdrew so essentially the Union won this battle. But if you really look close, it was inconclusive. But this battle did raise the Union troop’s morale since the Confederates retreated.

#7: Amount Of Troops

The Union Army of the Cumberland was approximately 43,000 strong. The Confederate Army of Tennessee had about 35,000 troops.

#8: Generals Died

In this battle, 4 Generals were killed. All were Brigadier Generals:


  • James Rains
  • Roger Hanson


  • Edward Kirk
  • Joshua Sill

#9: Nashville Becomes Union Supply Post For The Rest Of The Civil War

By forcing a retreat of Confederate forces, the Union ensured that the city of Nashville would be a primary supply depot throughout the rest of the War.

#10: Preserved For Memories

Part of the site of the Battle of Stone’s River has the oldest Civil War monument and also holds Stone’s River National Cemetery that has approximately 6,000 Union graves.

The National Park Service maintains another 26 acres of the area that are integrated into the Battlefield preservation.

Final Thoughts

The Battle Of Stone’s River played a heavy role in the Union’s win in the Civil War. By having Nashville as a supply post, the Union was able to stretch its way into Southern States and ultimately defeat the Confederates.

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chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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