Chuck Holmes

Chuck Holmes is a former Army Major and combat veteran. Chuck is a successful blogger, author and entrepreneur. He lives in sunny Florida with his wife, Rachel.

Army Officer Basic Course

The Army Officer Basic Course is the first course offered in the Officer Professional Development Educational System for new Second Lieutenants. OBC is for newly Commissioned Officers, officers pending commission, and officers up to the rank of First Lieutenant. Each Army branch within the Army offers their very own branch specific Officer Basic Course. Several examples of different …

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Military Discipline

The purpose of this article is to discuss military discipline. The military is well known for its discipline. For centuries, Soldiers have been portrayed as fierce, strong, and disciplined warriors. When I think of my favorite military warriors: General Patton, General Custer, Napoleon and other famous leaders, I see a common trend of military discipline. …

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Army OCS: An Overview

The Army Officer Candidate Program, also known as Army OCS, has a long and proud history that dates back to 1941. The purpose of the Army’s Officer Candidate School is to produce newly commissioned Second Lieutenants. During OCS, candidates receive a wide variety of instruction to include military leadership, Warrior Tasks, Infantry Battle Drills, Land …

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Army IPERMS: What You Should Know

What is IPERMS and how does it work? IPERMS is an acronym that stands for Interactive Personnel Electronics Records Management System. Simply put, IPERMS is an online database and/or information system used for storing and managing military personnel records. It electronically stores evaluation reports, some medical documents, college and military transcripts, awards, diplomas, and much more. …

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