ASVAB Pre-Test Information

asvab pre test

ASVAB pre test information

The ASVAB, or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, is an aptitude test utilized by the military to determine if you are capable of serving in the United States military and to what capacity.  Basically, the higher you score in various categories of the exam can dictate the occupational specialty (MOS) you can have and/or if you qualify for an enlistment bonus.  Scoring high on the ASVAB will require study and concentration. Don’t skimp on preparing for this test. It’s your future. Get the most out of it.  Taking pre-tests is often the best way to prepare for the ASVAB.

Many recruiters will want to administer the test the day you show up interested in the military.  That being said, it pays to be prepared!  If you even have the slightest desire to join the military, you should take ASVAB Pre-Tests.  Here are some helpful links to short and full-length ASVAB tests.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  Even if you are currently in the military, having these ASVAB resources is very important.  Print a copy of this article and keep in your Leader’s Book or give to your local recruiter.

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3 thoughts on “ASVAB Pre-Test Information”

  1. Yes, there are a few HS in our area that do offer prep courses. You would have to check in and see when the HS is offering their students the test. They often hold a few prep classes that may be free for you to attend.

  2. Thanks for posting these links to practice ASVAB tests. Do you know if any places offer test prep courses? I’m sure there are plenty online, but are there any walk-in places that offer classes to help you do well on your ASVABs?

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