Army Officer ASI 3S: Unit Air Movements Officer

In today’s post, I am going to explain a little about an Additional Skill Identifier that is extremely important.

This is an ASI for Army Officers and I believe that any unit who “moves” consistently should have at least one officer with this ASI.

I speak of the Unit Air Movements Officer.

What Is Exactly Unit Air Movements?

This should be self explanatory.

It is the movement of equipment, personnel, and accompanying supplies from one location to another. This can be for…

  • Training
  • Mobilization
  • or Deployment

Types Of Unit Movements

There are 4 types of Unit Movements and at a logistical standpoint, these movements are each unique and must develop “piece by piece.”

They are:

  1. rail,
  2. motor,
  3. air,
  4. and sea

Officers can be trained in all modes but normally have one they are most proficient in.

For many operations, air is a top Unit Movements choice. So it just make sense that an Army Officer is trained in the aspects of moving their unit from point A to B by air.

Things The Unit Air Movements Officer Must Be Knowledgeable In

Any Unit Movements Officer should be knowledgeable in these areas:

  • Service or Major Command mobility planning, unit movement planning; and military traffic management regulations
  • Organization structure
  • The transportability of the unit’s organic equipment and cargo
  • The characteristics and capabilities of the type of asset the unit requires
  • The hazardous materials certification process

Unit Air Movements Officer Duties And Responsibilities

There are many responsibilities this officer has when their unit is scheduled to move by air:

  • Act as the representative of the unit commander.
  • Prepare movement plans to support all task plans, modes of transportation, and ports of departure.
  • Coordinate and supervise marshalling and outloading of the unit.
  • Maintain liaison with the supporting mobility unit, installation mobility/deployment officer, clearance authority, and the Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group.
  • Assist in unit off – loading and reassemble in theater.
  • Ensure unit cargo is marked and cleared for movement.
  • Inspect cargo, equipment, and passenger manifests for accuracy.
  • Coordinate necessary communications.
  • And much more….

Unit Air Movements Officer Training

There are 2 courses that can help an Army officer get the 3S ASI. They are:

        8C—F17/553-F2 – This course is on legal authorities, mobilization concepts, plans, policies, procedures, and the responsibilities for mobilization and deployment at all levels.
        8C-SI3S/553-F4 – Instruction on the responsibilities of unit air movements, strategic airlift operations, planning operations and manifesting, etc…
Final Thoughts

This is an excellent ASI to achieve. The skills that this ASI carry can be a huge benefit in the civilian sector too.

I believe I covered a lot but I do recommend that you check out each of the reference links too.

We would love to hear from any who have this ASI. Please tell us more and do correct me if I have made any errors.

Thank you.

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chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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