The Top 10 Cool Army Zippo Lighters

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Today, I’m going to share my top 10 cool Army Zippo lighters with you.

Zippo lighters are as American as baseball and apple pie.

Over the years, there have been myriads of designs on the outside of these lighters. Naturally, military service members were a huge Zippo customer base and various military designs arose from soldiers and officers.

Some military personnel would have them engraved or would even create their own designs on the exterior of a “basic” Zippo lighter.

Today, I am going to share my opinion of the top 10 cool Army Zippo lighters. I have went through picture after picture and determined my idea of the best of the best. Now, your opinion could vary greatly. That’s cool!

Also, each lighter image links to the site it was found at. Before we look at the lighters, let’s look at the history of Zippo…

The History Of Zippo Lighters

George Blaisdell had come upon a lighter that was made in Austria. It seemed a great design and had qualities that no other lighters had. But George knew he could make a better lighter using some of the basic ideas the Austrian made lighter had.

The location was Bradford, Pennsylvania and the year was 1932. George founded Zippo Manufacturing and in 1933, the first Zippo Lighter was produced.

And George, so sure of the product that rolled off that line, made a commitment of all the specially designed “windproof” lighters would carry a lifetime guarantee with no limits.

It Works Or We Fix It For Free!

And, just to tell you how well designed the Zippo Lighters are, they seldom break. But even if they do, you never have to spend a nickle to have them fixed.

How A Zippo Lighter Works

A very simple process, but ingenious.

The Zippo Lighter is wick designed. The case separates to fill a sponge-like device with lighter fluid. With a flip lid and a patented spring-toggle lever that keeps the lid open or closed. The wick area is enclosed with a windscreen chimney. The lighter is lit by spinning the flintwheel that sparks the flint, lighting the wick. The chimney keeps the flame lit in windy conditions which was a huge plus for soldiers.

Zippo Now

George passed away in 1978 but his grandson, George Duke, continues the Zippo heritage. And, they have expanded into other products. If you would like to see all that Zippo has, their website is in the reference section.

Top 10 Army Zippo Lighters

It was extremely difficult to put this list together. There are so many cool Army Zippo lighters. Some of them specially designed. Some you can buy and others, good luck.

But here we go:

#10: 1961 First Army

I ran across this antique, factory designed First U.S. Army Zippo lighter. Being offered for $30, looking at the condition, I could see someone “snatching this for their collection.

It is pictured at the top of this post

#9: Army: Eagle & Flag

A newer Zippo lighter, I just love the design. It is an Army green with the wreath, the American flag and the Eagle. I saw it was selling for under $19.



#8: Fort Leonard Wood

Not sure what year it is, but this blue U.S. Army Fort Leonard Wood Zippo lighter would be a great collector piece. And since I once lived quite close to that Fort, I am somewhat biased.


#7: Signal Corps

I would predict that this Fort Gordon Signal Corps Zippo is from around the early 1970’s. I particularly like the design and I would predict that a Signal Corps member would be proud to own this lighter.


#6: Okinawa Soldier Of The Month

Well, it would be safe to say that this lighter is old. I just love how this was an award given to a soldier at Okinawa in recognition of being soldier of the month.


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#5: Crossed Rifles

I just couldn’t take my eyes off this neat design. The crossed rifles on the lid with the U.S. Army emblem on the case is an amazing design.


#4: Airborne

This green Zippo with the Airborne “All The Way” logo is ultra-cool. This one I was looking at comes brand new in the box.


#3: MacArthur

With the inscription, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away” on the lid, and a great depiction of General of the Army, Douglas MacArthur, who wouldn’t want to own this Zippo lighter?


#2: Army Strong

It is a somewhat new design but is timeless.

The Eagle flying the flag with a message of Union preservation.

I want it!


#1: 1991 Army Emblem

This deep blue 1991, specially designed Army emblem Zippo lighter is the coolest lighter I saw.

It is for sale too! At this time, they were asking $38 and it is still sealed in the box.

I am tempted.


Final Thoughts

So what do you think? Do you own any Army Zippo lighters?

They are great collector items.

Thanks for stopping in. I hope you enjoyed this post.



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