Army Weight Control Program Overview

Army Regulation 600-9, the Army Weight Control Program, consists of three chapters, plus pertinent tables, figures, and a glossary. The overall goal of the AWCP is to help Army personnel maintain healthy body weight levels, to keep a trim appearance, and to be able to meet physical demands of their diverse duties. Army resources, in the form of medical personnel and trainers, are available to help Soldiers meet the requirements of the program. The AWCP in its most simple form is a way to make sure that all Soldiers are height-weight proportionate and have a healthy body fat percentage.

The first chapter of the program contains the AWCP purposes and objectives (discussed above), as well as a thorough explanation of terminology used throughout the document. The second chapter explains the responsibilities of each person of every rank, from the top of the command chain all the way through to individuals, health care personnel, and trainers.

The meat of the program, so to speak, appears in Chapter Three, which discusses the all-important “policies and procedures.” This section lays out the specific weight requirements for individuals of both genders and all heights. In addition, Chapter Three goes into detail about the consequences of being over the weight limits, what can be done to address those situations and related topics. It is a good bet that someone who wants to scan a hard copy of the AWCP would flip right to Chapter Three, plus Tables 3-1 and 3.2, which present the height-weight charts and body fat percentages allowable for each specific height.

At the end of the document, in addition to references and tables, there is a technical appendix which goes into minute detail about how to measure overall fat percentages based upon height, weight, and circumference of various body sections. Many of the tables are especially helpful for those who struggle to maintain a moderate weight, and the AWCP document itself goes a long way toward acting as a guide for smart eating and exercise. Sample menus are given, both at 1500- and 1200-calorie levels. There is a discussion of caloric content of alcohol, vitamins, a sample calorie chart, plus a common sense section about nutrition and what it means to choose to be healthy.

The AWCP is a condensed version of much common sense about health, weight control, and eating. Because many people who are slim in their young adult life often struggle to keep a proper weight as the enter middle age, it would be wise for everyone to peruse the document. It is full of valuable information.

About the Author: Larry Bell is a professional writer, comedian, and automotive enthusiast whose work can be seen at and many other online publications. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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Chuck Holmes
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2 thoughts on “Army Weight Control Program Overview”

  1. Katelyn Hensel

    Fascinating post Larry. In my opinion, I believe that there should be a weight control program implemented not only by every profession that has a demanding physical nature, like police, firefighter, etc. in addition to the armed forces, but a program should also be put in place for every person with health insurance. The majority of health problems are caused or have increased risk when overweight conditions are considered. If people were required by their insurance policies to maintain a healthy weight, it might encourage a fitter, healthier America.

  2. Great post, Larry. When used correctly, the Army Weight Control Program is a great resource for small unit leaders and Soldiers alike. The program is designed to help Soldiers form new habits and change their lifestyle. It’s supervised closely and interactive. The units that use the AWCP correctly will benefit immensely.

    Just my two cents.


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