Army Warrior Task Training: Top 10 Tasks Every Soldier Should Know

In today’s post I’m going to educate you about the Warrior Tasks in the Army and share the Top 10 Most Important Warrior Tasks that every Soldier should know (as I see it).  

What is a Warrior Task?

A Warrior Task is an individual skill that all Soldiers must be able to do to shoot, move and communicate on the battlefield.  These skills are critical to Soldier survival.  They include basic things such as firing your weapon, reacting to contact, land navigation, first aid and communicating on a radio.  As of 2014, there are 39 different Warrior Tasks.

Why Should Soldiers Know These Tasks?

Regardless of their MOS, all Soldiers are Soldiers first.  That means that have to have basic fundamental knowledge on tactics, fighting and winning on the battlefield.  Even Soldiers serving in combat support or combat service support roles may end up fighting in a conflict.  Anyone can get attacked by the enemy and they must know how to kill the enemy and survive.

What Are the Top 10 Most Important Warrior Tasks?

I should start out by telling you that ALL 39 Army Warrior Tasks are very important.  To say one is more important that the others is pretty hard to do.  Soldiers must know how to do ALL of these tasks to be competent in combat.  That being said, I’m going to take my best shot at picking the top 10 tasks on the list.  You may agree or disagree with the ones that I choose.

# 1 Engage Targets with M16/M4 (071-COM-0030)

Without a doubt, I will put this as the most important WTT because Soldiers must know how to shoot their assigned M4/M16 weapon, especially in combat.  As far as I’m concerned, Soldiers who can’t qualify with their assigned weapon shouldn’t even be allowed to be in the Army.  You must be able to engage a target accurately from numerous distances.

# 2 Conduct Operations According to the Law of War ( 181-105-1001)

I’m a big fan of the laws of war.  I know our enemies have done some shady and illegal things in Afghanistan and Iraq.  I’d be foolish to think that the U.S. is completely innocent either.  The bottom line is that Soldiers need to do the right thing and act humanely, even in combat. Soldiers must know what behavior and actions are acceptable, and what isn’t acceptable.

# 3 Move Under Direct Fire (071-COM-0502)

Soldiers need to know what to do when the bullets start flying.  Whether it is direct or indirect fire, Soldiers must know how to keep themselves safe, defend their area of operations, and kill the enemy.  The last thing you want to happen is have one of your Soldiers or leaders “freeze” when the bullets start flying.  You must know how to get your team (and yourself) to safety.

# 4 Evaluate a Casualty (081-COM-1001)

When/if your buddy gets shot or hurt on the battlefield, you need to know how to properly evaluate them to make sure if they are okay or need help from the medics. You need to be able to identify serious injuries from minor injuries.

# 5 Perform Voice Communications (113-571-1022)

Everyone needs to know how to communicate on a radio.  If a leader, or the radio operator, gets shot someone else must pick up the slack.  You need to know how to call hire headquarters and how to contact your subordinates.  More importantly, you need to know how to turn a radio on and off, change the battery, the military alphabet, proper call signs, how to set it to the right frequency, and make it operational.

# 6 081-COM-0101 (Request Medical Evacuation)

Every Solider needs to know how to call in a MEDEVAC.  Anything can happen in combat.  Entire units can get attacked or wiped out.  If you are the lone survivor, or even if your buddy gets hurt, you need to know how to get them medical help.

# 7 Navigate While Dismounted  (071-COM-1006)

Every Soldier needs to know how to navigate when dismounted.  You may not start out as a foot Soldier, but anything can happen.  You need to know how to read a map, how to identify terrain and how to get from point A to point B on foot.

# 8  Navigate While Mounted (071-COM-1030)

Same as above.  All Soldiers need to know how to read a map and get their vehicle, troops and equipment from one point to another.

# 9 React to Possible (IED) Improvised Explosive Device (052-192-1270)

Ever since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, IEDs have become a way of life.  Every Soldier must know what to do when they are under an IED attack.  They must know how to maneuver their vehicle and get their personnel and equipment to safety.

# 10 Develop Professionally (150-SRT-0001)

I’m a big fan of personal and professional development.  I believe that every Soldier should try to get a little bit better every single day. I believe that all Soldiers should be a student of their profession.  They should go to schools, learn everything they can about being a good Soldier and leader, find mentors, read lots of books, etc.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that every Soldier, regardless of their MOS, must have a certain combat skill-set so they can survive on the battlefield.  The Army has created a list of 39 Warrior Tasks that every Soldier must be able to do in battle.  As a small unit leader, your responsibility is to make sure your Soldiers are proficient in all of these tasks, so they can deploy, get the job done, and return home safely.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think are the most important Warrior Tasks?  Why?  Which task did I leave off this list that I should have included?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

3 thoughts on “Army Warrior Task Training: Top 10 Tasks Every Soldier Should Know”

  1. I also think that over time, some of these basic soldier/warrior tasks can be forgotten, especially by soldiers who are behind desks, cooks, and such needed jobs as those. It is my opinion that warrior tasks should be retaught every 1-2 years. I believe that every soldier, no matter their MOS should be able to manage all these warrior tasks. What are your thoughts?

  2. I am in firm agreement that all 39 tasks need to be known and mastered by every soldier. I also agree with your #1 choice, and I must say that I also stand with you that if a soldier cannot properly use their firearm, they have no part in the Army. No matter the MOS, a soldier’s first call is being a soldier. Using the M16/M4 is the main part of that.

    My 2nd choice is further down in your list, but it is moving under direct fire. I also believe that every soldier needs to be trained, retrained and trained more on this warrior task.

    Lastly, I cannot say that following the rules of warfare should even be a task. They should be a law and mandatory. Anyone caught not doing so should be severely punished.

    Great post sir!

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