Army Team Leader Initial Counseling Packet

army team leader initial counseling packetIf you’re a Squad Leader trying to figure out how to conduct your Army Team Leader Initial Counseling, this information is for you.

Sadly, counseling in the National Guard and Army Reserve rarely happens. When it does happen, it isn’t normally done the right way, in writing.

I hope to fix that. I’ve put together a comprehensive example counseling packet to help you succeed. I provide step-by-step instructions covering what you’re supposed to do. This will save you a ton of time, energy, and effort.

There is an instructional video, lots of resources, examples, and tips to help you to conduct a successful counseling session. If you’d like to learn more, visit my online store to get the details. Instant download available.

You can check out this link to learn more about the course.



5 thoughts on “Army Team Leader Initial Counseling Packet”

  1. This is good advice for any new leader. It is important to sit down and have a face-to-face with those reporting directly to you. Set expectations up front, and put things in writing. This makes your expectations clear, and lets your team know that you are serious about your responsibilities, and that you care. I also like the advice about getting to know your direct reports on a personal level.

  2. The best boss and supervisors I’ve ever had did exactly what you listed here. Whether they knew it or not, being direct, up front, keeping an open mind and sincerely leaving the door open for questions or direction has given me the confidence to do my job, take the initiative, work independently and bend over backwards for them because I want them to look good.

  3. Again I see that great Boy Scout motto….Be Prepared. In any type of leadership position, one of the most important things is preparation. By being prepared, the leaders below you will take notice and will learn to follow the same example. If you are not a writer, now is the time to learn. Writing is a huge part of the position. No one likes paperwork, but it is a part of the job. Learn to write!

  4. Great advice Chuck!

    If you want success, following this advice is very important. I do think I would put it in slightly a different order. I would start off the meeting with finding out all you can about the team leader. As that is going on, I would explain my expectations and communication methods.

    You probably didn’t put these here to follow the order. It is just wise to follow all these steps.

    The counseling packet that Chuck offers here is a great resource, and very reasonable at only $10. If I were in the position, I would save myself time and stress, and would pull out my card and spend the 10 dollars.

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