Army Staff Identification Badge: An Overview

The badge we are going to cover in today’s post is the Army Staff Identification Badge. This badge is not an award, but is an identification of those who work with and for Army Headquarters or any other designated Army staff complex. To be able to wear this badge, an individual must be in the position for at least 1 year. We will provide a slight overview of this badge; the history, requirements in wear, and any other information about the Army Staff Identification Badge that may be helpful.


In 1931, the great General Douglas MacArthur proposed that Army staff should have a badge designating their service. In 1933, the War Department agreed and had the Army Staff Identification Badge designed and put into use. The badge is nearly identical now as to when it was first designed. It has the coat of arms with a shield decorated in the colors of the United States flag. All of that is atop a black five pointed star which is on top a cluster of laurel leaves.

Who wears this badge?

There are many who wear the Army Staff Identification Badge. The Chief of Staff, and any former Chief’s of Staff wear a 3 inch version of this badge. All other Army personnel wear a 2 inch version, and any civilians who work with any of these areas are authorized to wear a lapel button with the same insignia after 1 year of serving in the position/s. Areas of service that are authorized to wear the Army Staff Identification Badge include but are not limited to:

  • Secretary of the Army

  • Army Chief of Staff

  • Under Secretary of the Army

  • Vice Chief of Staff of the Army

  • Sergeant Major of the Army

  • General Counsel

  • Director of the Army Staff

  • Inspector General

  • Chief of Public Affairs

  • Chief Information Officer

  • Chief of Engineers

  • The Surgeon General

  • Army Reserve Chief

  • National Guard Chief

  • Judge Advocate General

  • Chief of Chaplains

  • Provost Marshall General

  • Those assigned to the Army Review Board Agency

  • Those assigned to the National Detainee Reporting Center

  • Those assigned to the Command and Control Support Agency

  • Those assigned to the Provost Marshall’s Division

  • Those assigned to the Military Observers Group

  • Those assigned to the Center For Army Analysis

  • Those assigned to the Army National Guard Readiness Center

  • And many more!

The wear of this badge can be taken away if an individual displays conduct not to Army Headquarters standards. The individual must show exemplary service for the right to wear this highly esteemed badge.

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Where this badge is to be located on a uniform

At one time, the Army Staff Identification Badge was to be worn on the right breast pocket of a service member’s uniform. It is now approved that any Soldier or officer who has earned the Combat Service Identification Badge can wear it on the right breast pocket and wear the Army Staff Identification Badge on the left breast pocket. Many other badges normally worn on the right side can be moved to allow the CSIB the honor of standing alone on a service members uniform. If a member does not have a CSIB, the badges must stay on the right side. Other badges that can move if the CSIB is present are:

  • The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Guard Identification Badge

  • A Drill Sergeant Identification Badge

  • A Career Counselor Identification Badge

  • A National Defense University Identification Badge

  • Joint Agency Identification Badges

  • A Secretary of Health & Human Services Identification Badge

You can find all the information on these policy changes at this link.

I have found many questions regarding the wear of badges and awards on uniforms. In performing the research for this article, I wandered upon the most up-to-date publication on the wear and appearance of Army uniforms and insignia. I believe it has great information that you should always have available. If you do not have a copy of this, you can download it here.

Final Thoughts

Even though it is not an award per se, the adorning of the Army Staff Identification Badge brings a great sense of pride. While we give our front line Soldiers many cheers of thanks and appreciation, we should not forget those who are behind the lines keeping the Army running smoothly and soundly. It is all the Army Staff that keep this huge entity called the United States Army running like a well oiled piece of machinery.

Do you, or have you wore the Army Staff Identification Badge? Would you please explain where you work/ed and how wearing the badge makes you feel? The comments section is below. Whether you are a soldier, an officer, or a civilian who wears the Army Staff Identification Badge, thank you for your service. You are an important part of the United States Army.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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