Army PULHES Acronym – What It Means

My goal today is to educate you about the Army acronym PULHES.  PULHES is a military acronym in the Medical Physical Profile Serial System.  Every MOS, specialty and officer branch requires a different PULHES score/code.  Certain jobs are more stringent and physically demanding than others.  For instance, a cook can have a much different PULHES score than a pilot.

Basically, the requirements of the job will determine the required PULHES score that is needed to serve in that position AND be in a deployable status.  Here are the basic components of PULHES.

  • Physical Condition – The “P” is for physical capacity. It can include heart, respiratory, gastrointestinal, nervous system, metabolic, blood forming tissues, dental, disease of the breast, etc.
  • Upper Extremities – This includes your hands, arms, shoulder, and spine, in regard to range of motion and efficiency.
  • Lower Extremities – This includes your feet, legs, pelvis, lower back, and lower spine, in regard to strength, motion and efficiency.
  • Hearing – Self explanatory
  • Eyes – Your vision and any diseases or defects with the eyes
  • Psychiatric – This includes your emotional stability and any psychiatric diseases

Once you’ve been evaluated in each area you will get a six digit score such as:

  • 211112
  • 112312
  • 222222

The score is an assessment of your overall health and ability to physically do a job.

Here is the scoring breakdown.  A ONE is means a high level of medical fitness.  A TWO means you have some medical condition that might limit certain activities.  A THREE means you require significant limitations.  A three normally disqualifies people from joining the military.  A FOUR means you have a major medical condition that drastically limits what you can do.  Typically, when you have a 4 in any one of the six areas, you are considered non-deployable or ineligible to join the military.

Your scores are normally updated when you visit your medical doctor or do your annual medical exam.

There you have it folks.  Now, you have a better understanding of what PULHES is and how it affects you.

Source  :-  Wikipedia


chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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