Army Property Book Officer Duties & Responsibilities

Today, we will talk about the duties, responsibilities and job description of the Army Property Book Officer. We will briefly cover what they are responsible for and I will also share some tips for success.

We recently published an article of the same type about the Unit Supply Sergeant. This post is about the Property Book Officer and many wonder, what is the difference.

In all actuality, they are similar jobs, but the Supply Sergeant usually works at company level, whereas the Property Book Officer is normally at Battalion or Brigade level.

It’s all about keeping track of Army property and making sure units have what they need, when they need it.

Property Book Officer Responsibilities And Duties

As I mentioned with the Supply Sergeant, these jobs carry a ton of responsibility in that, these people are liable for Millions of dollars in Army property.

Some of the duties of the Property Book Officer include:

  • maintaining inventory
  • administers, plans, and directs the facility property management program
  • inspecting completed work for accuracy and compliance with established procedures
  • coordinate logistics operations within the brigade or battalion while simultaneously managing equipment fielding and turn-ins for external higher-level partners
  • ensuring adequate supplies by placing orders
  • manages the Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP)
  • posting transactions to organizational and installation property books and supporting transaction files
  • lead the Retrograde team in recovering and bringing to record millions of dollars of U.S. army property
  • collecting worn-out items and sending damaged items back
  • management of the records for all leased, loaned and borrowed equipment, and the management of the records for all equipment transferred into and out of the Property Book
  • and much more

Tips For Success As An Army Property Book Officer

# 1: Watch the Training Calendar and Training Schedule

As the Property Book Officer you need to watch the training calendar and training schedule. You need to know about upcoming training and what equipment will be needed and when. If you do your job right, you can look at the entire training year in advance and forecast what supplies you will need to resource and coordinate.

# 2: Stay on Top of Inventories

Inventories are a nature of the beast. You need to know the inventory schedule and you need to make sure that people are appointed to do the inventories. You want to educate the designated personnel on how to do inventories properly and you want to make sure the paperwork is processed and turned in on time.

# 3: Create a Good Supply SOP

Your Battalion or Brigade needs a good, practical and functional Supply SOP. You need something that makes sense. Make sure that you follow your SOP. Make sure that your SOP accurately reflects the way you do business. Review your SOP at least once a year to make sure it is still current. There are plenty of templates online you can use to create a baseline document.

# 4: Don’t be a Bureaucrat

You might be surprised that I’ve included this tip on the list, but I have to include it. Remember that your job is to serve the Soldiers. Their job is not to serve you. Don’t make life difficult for people. By all means, follow the regulations, but work with people whenever possible. Make sure they know your policies.

#5: Get To Know The Supply Sergeant And S4

You will be working closely with these 2 individuals. You need to have a good working relationship. Make sure the Supply Sergeant knows what you expect and that the S4 understands you will seek his/her assistance when questions arise.

Having a close working relationship with these 2 will make your job much easier.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Army Property Book Officer has a very important job. The Property Book Officer can ensure a Battalion or Brigade runs to 100% efficiency. If you are ever in this duty position, the key to succeed is to know your job, to take pride in what you do, to get organized and work hard. By following these tips for success, you will do fine.

What are your thoughts? What are your best tips for success for Army Property Book Officers? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

Thank you and please share this with others who may be trying to get this position.

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Chuck Holmes
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