The Army P38 Can Opener

Army P38

The Army P38 Can Opener was used by military personnel from the 1940s to 1980s and I would wager you will find many on current and veteran soldier’s key chains.

This is a small tool but a great invention by the military. It was invented during the 2nd World War.

All things considered, it is an incredibly powerful, but simple gadget. It opens any exemplary tin can, whenever, wherever. It runs until the end of time. No batteries required, completely convenient, and self-securing.

A P38 Can Opener will deal with any size can.

At the point when you are running out of electricity and your electric can opener can do nothing for you; at that time the P38 opener will be able to help you out. The P38 Can Opener will save the day.

Here are 10 amazing facts about P38 Can Opener:

  1. The P38 can opener is still produced and sold.

  2. It is believed the name came from the measurement… The P38 is approximately 38 millimeters long.

  3. At first, it was a disposable tool but the soldiers quickly found them far too valuable to discard.

  4. The P38 is less expensive to make than a standard can opener and is littler and lighter. The gadget can be effectively joined to a key ring or dog tag chain utilizing the little-punched opening.

  5. The P38 Can Opener is so reliable and in its entire history never has been known to break or rust. And the other fascinating thing is that it has got the name of John Wayne by the United States Marines.

  6. It is significantly less expensive to make than a standard can opener, as it utilizes much a lesser sum metal, comprising just of a metal sharp edge with a snare. For the all-around educated, it can even be significantly speedier to use than a typical can opener.

  7. The handle can also double as a makeshift flat-blade screwdriver.

  8. There is also a larger can opener with the same design. It is a P51. It is approximately 51 millimeters long.

  9. It takes approximately 38 punctures to fully open a C-ration can.

  10. The Australian Defense Force developed a similar device they call FRED (Field Ration Eating Device). It has the opener attached to a bottle opener at one end and a spoon at the other end.

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The Australian FRED

The P38 Can Openers are ideal for outdoors, climbing, angling or for the survivalist in your family. Make sure to carry a P38 on your key ring, dog tags, fishing supply bag or in your crisis survival kit.

We wish everything in life could be as straightforward, helpful and trustworthy as a P38 Can Opener.

The P38 is an invention still standing the test of time. I have one at all times because you just never know.

Let’s hear your thoughts. Do you carry a P38? Just post your comments and questions below.

Thank you.

*** Images on this post are all courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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