Army Officer NCO Relationship Training Course

Develop a Winning Army Officer NCO Relationship…Learn How to Effectively Work with Your Counterpart So You Can Have Fun, Leverage Each Person’s Talents and Succeed in Your Job.

Introducing the Army Officer NCO Relationship Training Course…


Dear Army NCO or Officer:

If you’re an officer or NCO, I’d be willing to bet that you WANT to have a great working relationship with your counterpart.  It just makes life easier when the both of you are on the same sheet of paper, working together towards common goals.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way.  Sometimes it feels like there is NOTHING you can do to work effectively with your counterpart.

You can’t get along.  You have personality clashes.  You can’t trust each other.  You step on each other’s toes.  You cross into the other person’s lane.  You feel like the other person has an agenda and doesn’t give a damn…

Simply put, you have FRICTION between the two of you.  When that happens, it’s almost impossible to get the job done and maintain a healthy professional relationship.

I’m here to help.

I’ve found that all relationships can improve.  Even if you have a smooth relationship with your officer or NCO counterpart, you can take it to the next level.  And if your relationships sucks, I know I can help you.

To clarify, your counterpart is the person who reports directly to you AND the person you report directly to yourself.

My name is Charles Holmes.  I am a former Army Major.  I spent about 15 years in the Army with 11 of those years as an officer.  During that time, I worked with many different NCOs and officers.

Most of my relationships were top notch.  I’m not saying I never had challenges to overcome.  I certainly did.  But, I always found a way to work with my NCO and/or officer counterpart for the greater good.

I’ve put together a simple course that will benefit ANY officer or NCO who wants to work effectively with their counterpart.  I’ve put together the information into an easy to follow course that will provide helpful solutions to your problems.

Here’s what you will learn in my course:

  1. The most common challenges and what to do about it
  2. Questions you should ask your counterpart
  3. Tips to improve your relationship with your boss
  4. How to establish clear lanes
  5. A step-by-step plan you can follow to make significant progress

Here’s what is included:

# 1 Audio Training

You will receive a 45 minute MP3 audio sharing all my tips for success.  I’ll cover almost everything you could imagine to help you with your relationship. I talk about common problems and offer lots of solutions and ideas to help you.

# 2 Questions to Ask Your Counterpart (PDF)

This is a list of 30 questions you can ask your counterpart.  These are very powerful questions that will help resolve a lot of your issues and find areas to improve upon.

# 3 A 12-Week Action Plan to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level (PDF)

To me, this item alone is worth the price of the entire course.  This is a 12-week action plan you can follow to create a winning relationship with your direct reports.   I identify key tasks and goals you must accomplish each week to make it happen.  If you are an USAR or ARNG officer or NCO, you could simply do one thing each month.

# 4 57 Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Your Boss (PDF)

I am asking just $10 for this course.  I believe it to be worth every penny.  If you take the information you learn and apply it into your relationship with your counterpart, I believe it will make a HUGE difference.

Digital Delivery

This course will be instantly delivered via email.  It is a digital course.  No need to wait for these to arrive in the mail. They are automatically emailed after you make your secure payment, any time of the day 24/7.

My Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with the information, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the course.  Just send me an email with a copy of your invoice and I will gladly refund you in full.

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DISCLAIMER: This course was created by Charles Holmes and is in no way endorsed by any government agency.

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