Army Officer Education and Professional Development Tips: 13 Must Read Articles

In this post, I’m going to share some Army Officer Education and Professional Development Tips.  Most officers realize the importance of learning, professional development and continuous improvement.

What I want to do in this post is share 13 must read posts on this blog that will help Army Officers be better leaders and excel their military career.  I hope you find the information helpful. The articles are listed in no particular order.

# 1 Personal Development Plan for Military Personnel

This first post is my personal development plan for military leaders.  I think all leaders should have their own personal development plan, so they can get a little bit better every single day, set new goals, and to develop their potential as leaders.  Read more about creating your own personal development plan.

# 2 Why I Resigned My Commission

At some point, most officers contemplate the decision to stay in the Army or get out. It’s a natural part of career progression. In this post, I want to share the top 8 reasons why I decided to resign my commission and move on to greener pastures. I’m not telling you to resign.  I just want to share my story.  Read my story about why I resigned my commission.

# 3 Top Army Officers: 5 Things They Have in Common

When you study successful Army Officers, they are all different.  They have different personalities, religions, ethnic backgrounds, education, traits and skills. Despite those differences they also have a lot in common!  In this post I’ll share the five things all successful Army Officers have in common.  These are definitely some traits you want to develop yourself, in order to reach your potential. Read more about what successful Army Officers have in common.

# 4 How to Develop Your Military Leadership Skills

Everyone should strive to improve and be a better leader.  As an officer, that’s what the Army pays you for: LEADERSHIP.  If you’re looking to develop your leadership skills this is the post for you.  I’ll share thirteen simple things you can do to be a better military leader and stand out in the crowd. Read more about how to develop your military leadership skills.

# 5 Army OER Support Form Tips

In this post I share some of my best Army OER Support Form Tips.  Learn how to fill out your OER Support Form the right way so you can get a good and accurate OER.  This will be extremely beneficial, especially for new officers.  Check out these OER Support Form Tips.

# 6 Career Tips for Army Officers

This is a big blog post I did sharing some of my best career tips for Army Officers.  We will cover 37 different areas to focus on and improve. This is a must read if you want to be above center of mass and make it to the top ranks.  Check out my 37 career tips.

# 7 How to Max Your APFT

Officers are expected to do well on their Army Physical Fitness Test.  Scoring a 180 won’t cut it.  At a minimum, you want to get a 270 or higher. This post will show you how to max your APFT.  Be part of the top 10% and be a PT Stud! Learn more about maxing the APFT.

# 8 Army OER Bullets and Comments

All Officers need to know how to write an OER the right way.  You need to know how to write an effective rater and senior rater section.  That way you can ensure your OER is done right and that you do your subordinate’s OERs the right way.  Learn more about Army OER Bullets and Comments.

# 9 How to Improve Your Military Writing Skills

Poor writing skills is a big problem in our society and in the Army.  As an officer, you need to constantly hone and improve your writing skills. You have to write OERS, NCOERs, awards, OPORDs, Risk Assessments and so much more.  Poor writing skills can be a show stopper.  This post will share some tips on improving your writing skills.

# 10 When to Leave the Army

Leaving the Army is never an easy decision.  But at some point everyone will leave the Army, either by resigning or retiring.  This post will share some things to consider before you make the decision to stay in, get out, transfer to the IRR, or retire.  Read more about when to leave the Army.

# 11 OPD and NCODP Ideas for Army Officers

Officer Professional Development (OPD) is an important program to help you improve your skills.  You also have the responsibility to ensure your subordinates receive their Non-Commissioned Officer Development Program (NCODP) and OPD.  This post will provide potential topics to focus on and give you some tips for success.  While it’s designed around NCODP, all of the topics will benefit officers as well.    Learn more about OPD and NCODP.

# 12 Best Additional Duties for Army Officers

As an officer, you are bound to be assigned several additional duties throughout your career.  This post will teach you which ones to seek out and why.  I’ll cover what I think are the five best additional duties to round out your experience and excel your career.  Read more about the best additional duties.

army officer guide case# 13 10 Lessons I Learned from Other Army Officers

This is a valuable post with some lessons that I learned from other Army Officers. I’ve been fortunate to serve with some really good officers throughout my career. This post will share some of the most important career and life lessons I learned from other officers.  Read more about these lessons.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are my favorite articles on this website that provide good Army Officer Education and Professional Development Tips.  I hope you will read each article and study the information.  If you found the information helpful, I hope you will share this post with some of your friends and peers and leave a comment below to tell me which article you enjoyed the most.  As always, thanks for your service to our great country.

On a side note, I’ve created a Part-Time Army Officer Guide, which consists of a PDF book and several audio CDs. It’s designed to help Army National Guard and Army Reserve Officers excel their career.  You can click on the link to learn more about my Army Officer Guide.  I think it’s a good investment in your professional development.

3 thoughts on “Army Officer Education and Professional Development Tips: 13 Must Read Articles”

  1. All of these are great articles that can help an Army officer improve and make decisions. What I also think is good is your forwardness in telling why you resigned and when it is time to get out. This is something that just isn’t usually talked about, kind of like death with many people.

    I would also recommend purchasing Chuck’s Part-Time Army Officer Guide. With all the great information he gives for free on this blog, you just know that CD and PDF will be full of great info.

    Thank you sir for all you provide on this website.

  2. The only way to continuously progress in your occupation and attain higher levels of success is to consistently set goals that will help you improve. Each article linked above provides meaningful professional development tips, but I particularly like #8 and #1. #8 because I’m a big fitness guy and I love weight training and pushing myself to reach a new level of physical strength and overall health. #1 because setting goals for personal development is the key to success in any occupation, military or otherwise.

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