Army MOS 25V: Combat Documentation/Production Specialist

One of the best ways to train both soldiers and officers in combat operations and non-combat procedures is through film. While they do not create films that will achieve Academy awards, the Army does have personnel who film. In many cases, these soldiers are in dangerous areas so they can get the material from combat and battle zones.

In today’s post, we are going to look at the Army MOS 25V: combat documentation/production specialist. I will give a basic description of this Army job. I will also give you some of the many duties and responsibilities of the Army 25V. You will know the requirements to be able to get this Army job. I will also explain the training involved.

So, let’s take a look at the Army 25V combat documentation and production specialist.

Army 25V Basic Job Description

The Army 25V supervises, plans and operates equipment that is electronic and/or film based to capture and document both combat and non-combat operations. This material may be strictly Army or joint operations. Operations may consist of combat, psychological, intelligence, medical, training and public affairs operations.

Army 25V Responsibilities and Duties

The responsibilities and duties of the Army 25V are innumerable. I am listing some of the primary responsibilities this Army job carries.

  • Operating and maintaining motion and still camera equipment.

  • Operating and maintaining film processing, editing, audio and printing equipment.

  • Preparing captioning for images.

  • Maintains vehicles and generators used in the process.

  • Supervises and guides subordinate combat documentation/production personnel.

  • Aligns and adjusts video cameras.

  • Prepares reports for commanders and staff.

  • Creates and edits training videos.

  • Working with writers, producers and directors in the interpretation of scripts.

  • Following directions by directors on zooming, panning or changing the focus.

This is just a small portion of what this Army job’s responsibilities and duties are. While some filming is done in safe environments, there will be those times when filming is done in combat areas. Safety is a factor and this is why the first responsibility of the Army 25V is being an Army warrior. They can operate weapons as well as they can operate a camera.

Army 25V Requirements and Prerequisites

There are certain requirements an individual must meet to be able to attain this Army job. Those are:

  • Be a United States citizen

  • PULHES of 111221

  • The ability to attain a Secret security clearance

  • ASVAB scores of 93 in Electronics (EL) and 91 in Skilled Technical (ST)

  • Have normal color vision

  • Meet depth perception standards as determined by the Armed Forces Vision Tester

These are the requirements I could find, but it is wise that you speak with an Army career counselor to make sure you meet all the requirements to attain this Army job.

Training For The Army 25V Combat Documentation and Production Specialist

The first level of training you will get is Basic Combat Training. You will learn the skills to be a soldier including weapons and combat techniques. You will also be in great physical shape by the end of the several weeks you will spend at BCT.

From there you will go to Fort Meade, Maryland for Advanced Individual Training. For around 4 months, you will learn in the classroom as well as in the field. You will learn how to operate motion picture equipment which will include:

  • Audio

  • Editing equipment and software

  • Lighting

  • and more

You will be provided the application of photographic fundamentals, captions, light sources, processing, printing black and white as well as color negatives, and much more.

There is so much to learn when it comes to filming equipment that your education will not stop when you finish Advanced Individual Training. Since technology is always moving forward, you will also need to be willing to move forward with it.

Most Army 25V personnel take other courses to keep abreast of new filming technologies.

After Army Possibilities

The Army 25V position can lead to a plethora of opportunities in the civilian world. From operating camera equipment to major film production companies to developing training videos, or marketing media for corporations, the possibilities are endless.

Final Thoughts

We all must admit, this sounds like a cool Army job. It does carry many responsibilities, and there is danger involved.

We would love to hear from any soldiers who have the 25V MOS. Please tell us more about this Army job. Tell us about your filming experiences, and if you would like to share any links to work you did, we would love to see it. Maybe you filmed combat operations in Iraq or in Afghanistan or created a training video. No matter what, we would love to see it.

What are your thoughts? You can leave any comments or questions you have in the comment section below.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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