Army MOS 25M: Multimedia Illustrator

When we consider the Army’s system, we often see a variety of multimedia. The Army displays advertising, publications and other various items that someone must create and manage. One of the individuals who work with Army multimedia is the Army 25M MOS: Multimedia Illustrator.

In today’s post, I am going to explain all I can find on this Army job. I will give you a basic description of the Army 25M. I will tell you their primary duties and responsibilities. And, I will also explain the requirements to become an Army multimedia illustrator. You will understand what training is involved in becoming an Army 25M MOS: multimedia illustrator.

So, let’s get on with it.

Army Multimedia Illustrator Basic Job Description

The Army multimedia illustrator’s job can run into various areas, but they primarily operate manual and electronic equipment to provide graphic products, presentations and other Army material that uses a multimedia approach. These materials can run from serious projects that must be presented to upper level echelon to lighthearted cartoons and such.

Army 25M MOS: Multimedia Illustrator Duties and Responsibilities

The Army 25MOS falls under the Signal Corps branch of the United States Army. The responsibilities that fall upon this individual can be immense. I am listing some of the primary duties and responsibilities for the Army multimedia illustrator.

  • The creation of illustrations, graphs, and charts, map overlays, posters and more in support of Army operations.

  • Performing preventive maintenance on Army equipment.

  • The production of computer generated graphics.

  • Designing and creating backdrops and props for film sets.

  • Drawing charts and graphs representing troop levels, budgets, supply levels, etc…

  • Designing banners, posters, and other advertising multimedia.

  • Working with instructors to design artwork for training courses.

  • Creating cartoons and animation for both film and print.

  • Directs the manipulation and enhancement of images.

  • Creates web pages and other internet material in support of Army operations.

As I stated, this is just a small portion of the duties and responsibilities of the Army 25M MOS multimedia illustrator. Whatever Army needs are in the form of multimedia could very well fall on the shoulders of the Army 25M.

Army Multimedia Illustrator Prerequisites and Requirements

The requirements to become an Army 25M multimedia illustrator are:

  • Have an Associates Degree in graphic design or 2 years experience in the field. This stipulation can be waived.

  • Be a United States citizen.

  • Ability to obtain a Secret security clearance.

  • ASVAB scores of 91 in Skilled Technical (ST) and 93 in Electronics (EL).

  • PULHES of 222221

  • Normal color vision.

These are the primary requirements needed to obtain the position of Army 25M multimedia illustrator. If graphic design is something you think you would like to go after, I suggest you speak to an Army recruiter about any other requirements you may need to get this Army job.

Training To Become An Army 25M Multimedia Illustrator

As with any enlisted Army job, the individual must first learn to be an Army warrior. You will first attend several weeks of Basic Combat Training (BCT) where you will learn the techniques to defend yourself and your fellow soldiers in battles and wars. You will also get in top physical shape.

Once you have completed BCT, you will go to Fort Meade, Maryland for approximately 13 weeks to attend Advanced Individual Training. Fort Meade is the home of U.S. Cyber Command and the Defense Information Systems Agency, so it is a great place to learn the job of multimedia illustrator.

Working both in classroom and field settings, you will learn:

  • The principles of design and layout

  • Color theory fundamentals

  • Equipment preventive maintenance

  • Drawing and lettering fundamentals

  • Image editing and manipulation

  • Desktop publishing

  • Multimedia software

  • Computer and printer management

  • Ethics with multimedia design

  • Much more

Multimedia design and illustration is a field that is ever changing. You will always be learning, both from experienced Army multimedia illustrators, and from classes and courses you can take to gain more knowledge.

Final Thoughts

No matter what, the Army will always utilize multimedia. From field manuals to training videos to Army recruiting advertising, the multimedia illustrator is one of the primary individuals who make it happen.

Personally, I believe this is a great job choice for anyone enlisting in the United States Army. It is a job that has many benefits, and when that person is finished serving in the Army, the possibilities for people with these skills in the civilian world are abundant. Multimedia is everywhere, and you can probably use many of your Army designs within your portfolio, unless they were Top Secret.

If you are, or have been an Army multimedia designer, please tell us more about your job. Feel free to explain any of the job details that I neglected to mention.

When I look at the Army ads, videos and publications, I can tell that these illustrators have been trained well.

You can see more on this by looking at the references I used to get much of this info.

Please post your questions, comments or suggestions in the area below. Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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