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The Maneuver Area Training Equipment Site, or MATES is a maintenance activity that receives, stores, secures, maintains and issues major rolling-stock items of military equipment. The MATES was established for pre-positioning of selected items of equipment for immediate availability in the event of mobilization and for providing assets to units conducting both annual and inactive duty training. To accomplish its mission the MATES employs a full-time force of maintenance and supply technicians responsible for ensuring a high degree of material readiness.

I have only limited experience with MATES personnel as FTIG utilizes UTES (Unit Training Equipment Site) to store our Strykers and BII.  However, during my time at Fort Benning at ABOLC and Ft. Knox for numerous gunneries, MATES has been there to supply tents, tanks, fuel trucks, etc. (depending on the mission they’re supporting).  During gunnery they would supply us with GP-Medium Tents, military generators and other large end items what we did not want to convoy to Ft. Knox from Pennsylvania.  While at ABOLC, the MATES was a huge component of their mission as they maintain and supply every tank, Stryker, Bradley, MILES gear, etc.  If it were not for MATES (at either place) supplying and sustaining the mission would be quite difficult.  I have to take my hat off to them…

I must also say that my experience with MATES personnel and staff has been by far more positive than that of dealing with UTES and their technicians.  To keep a long story short, MATES have their stuff together.  They are organized, treat Soldiers that they are supporting with respect and a sense of “we are proud and happy to do whatever we can in support on your training” and have always been highly regarded for such a reputation.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I have always been under the impression that each post (Active and NG) have a MATES area which covers the needs and resources of the activities going on at that post.  Again, I may be wrong, this has just been my perception based on experience.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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1 thought on “Army MATES Team”

  1. Well, I can tell you that Wyoming National Guard Units do not all have their own MATES. There is one, and it is actually a joint training center, and that would be Camp Guernsey. The other units in the state have certain equipment, but not an actual MATES. The 2013 Equipment Modernization Plan and the Army and Air National Guard Construction Program for fiscal year 2014 includes increased funding for new construction of MATES as well as maintenance on current ones. According to the authors, construction costs have increased at a rate much higher than appropriations for construction, maintenance as well as new construction, that many facilities are in disrepair and in desperate need of modernization. Just as a side note, one of the best MATES that I am aware of is the one at Fort Carson, Colorado.

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