Army Marriage Proposal Ideas

This post might be weird coming from me.  You probably know I’m a dude and I don’t talk about mushy-gushy things very often. Today, I’m going to make an exception to that rule.  Today, I’m going to share a few Army Marriage Proposal Ideas with all of you.

You see, most folks will get married in their lifetime (at least once).  And prior to getting married to that special someone, you will need to propose to them.  That proposal, when done right, can really set the tone and make a big difference as to whether or not she says yes.

You definitely want to put a lot of thought into it.  Every woman (and guy) is different, so you want to do something that makes her feel special, loved and appreciated.  Going over the top is fine, but don’t do something so crazy that it backfires!

Today, I want to to share a few Army Marriage Proposal ideas.  I’ll be quite frank with you.  I can only think of a few ideas to share with you myself.  But, that’s where you come in the picture.  I need your help.  I’d love if you would share how you proposed to your wife, so maybe some of our website visitors can get some creative ideas on how  to propose to their special someone.

I’ll start with my own story and then I’ll share a couple of other ideas.  I’ll also include a couple YouTube videos to give you some additional ideas.

My wife and I were dating about seven months when I popped the question.  I had just left Maryland (my home at the time) to go to the MOB Station at Camp Atterbury, Indiana.  While I was at Camp Atterbury, I knew I was going to propose to her so I called up my soon-to-be father-in-law and asked for his blessing.  Once I got his approval, I bought the ring at USAA (thanks, USAA) and had it shipped to my wife (please keep in mind I was deployed).

I’m pretty sure she knew what was in the box, but I gave her clear instructions that she wasn’t allowed to open it.  A couple months later we finished our training at the MOB station and were given four days of R&R.  I flew back to Maryland for a long weekend prior to leaving for Germany.  While I was home we had a romantic evening and then I got down on one knee and proposed.  Thank GOD she said yes!  We have been happily together since!

That’s how I proposed to my wife.  Here are a few additional ideas.

# 1 Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt – One good idea is to have a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt at your house.  Hide a few different notes or clues with information about where to find the next clue.  Have the final item be the engagement ring.  When she finds it drop down on one knee and propose.

# 2 The Love Note – You could write a love note to your girlfriend expressing your love for her, what you admire and cherish most about her.  At the end of the love note you could ask for her hand in marriage.

# 3 Make a YouTube Video – You could post a YouTube video with your proposal.  Tell your girlfriend you want to show her a crazy video you found on YouTube.  Have her watch the video with you and put the ring on her finger at the end of it!

# 4 Visit the Place of Your First Date – This is another romantic gesture.  Depending on where you had your first date, take your girlfriend back their for a date and drop the question.

# 5 Movie Ads – If you and your girlfriend are movie buffs, you’ve probably seen the advertisements that show up on a screen before the movie starts.  You could rent one of those ads asking your girlfriend for her hand in marriage.

All right folks.  I’m done being romantic!

Here are two good videos of Soldiers getting the job done right. Enjoy!

I’d love to hear from you.  How did you propose to your wife?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

4 thoughts on “Army Marriage Proposal Ideas”

  1. A good list of marriage ideas. The surprise proposal is an excellent thing to do if you can pull it off. Just be sure you know your significant other will say yes. The easiest way to do it that I've seen is just fudging the day you'll be returning from a deployment and surprising the person at work.

    The movie trailer idea is a fantastic one I had never heard before. I must be honest and say I have written that down as a possibility of something I may try as anniversary present in the future.

  2. Once my husband and I had figured out that we were probably intended to spend the rest of our lives together, I asked him not to propose on my birthday or a holiday (for private reasons). He agreed.

    So on my birthday, I was surprised to open the Black & Decker box that was supposed to be holding the hedge trimmer I really wanted, and found candles and a box of matches. At the puzzled look on my face, he told me to open the other end, where I found a small box. I am not sure exactly what he said after he got down on one knee, but he tells me that I said “yes”.

    It has been more than ten years now, and I still enjoy telling the story about the first important time that I was happy he did not listen to me!

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