Army Cyber Awareness Program Overview

As a person who works on the internet consistently, I completely understand the importance of being cyber aware. There are thieves, trolls, hackers and spammers roaming the internet jungle and many would love to get into the heart of the military web presence.

The title of this post could be slightly misleading because when it comes to cyber awareness, we are speaking of a joint operation that is controlled completely by the Department of Defense. But each branch has its own program.

This short post will give you some information on how the Army and Department of Defense is training personnel to be aware of potential cyber threats and how to protect themselves as well as government assets.

U.S. Cyber Command

U.S. Cyber Command has a mission that carries 3 priorities:

  1. Aggressively operate and defend the DOD information network.
  2. Deliver effects against our adversaries.
  3. Design, build and deliver integrated capabilities for the future fight.

Cyber Command provides personnel with ample cyber awareness resources that include:

Antivirus Software

It requires a CAC, but you can download the software here with one.

Identity Theft Resource

The DOD works closely with the FTC to provide this resource for possible identity theft.

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Online Identity Protection

This link from the Army provides great tips to protect your online identity.

Cyber Security Facts

And at this link, you can find many cyber security facts.

DOD Cyber Security Online Training

I believe that all Army personnel should take as much training as they can for cyber security. The Department of Defense has many online training programs.

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training,
  • Cybersecurity Training for IT Managers,
  • and, Cybersecurity Training for Cybersecurity Professionals,
  • Cybersecurity Technical Training,
  • NetOps Training,
  • Cyber Law Awareness,
  • and Cyber Tools Training

all are available online.

Take The Test

How cyber aware are you?

You can take an unclassified version of the DOD cyber awareness 2018 test online now. It takes about 1 hour.

Watch This Video

Final Thoughts

We have moved into the internet age and there are many unsavory characters out to take advantage.

It IS important that all military personnel and their families are cyber aware.

So do me a favor after you have taken the test and become more aware… SHARE.

Let’s keep America and her citizens safe from cyber warfare.

Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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