Army ASI T9: Criminal Analysis Specialist

I am doing a series of articles on Additional Skill Identifiers (ASIs). Army personnel have a primary job that they are trained for, but additional skills can be attained as the person completes the required training to do so. When that person completes this training, they are given a code that distinguishes any added skills they have gained.

In today’s post, we are going to take a look at a great Additional Skill Identifier that can greatly help Army personnel in after Army careers: Army ASI T9 Criminal Analysis Specialist. I will first say that the primary holders of the Additional Skill Identifier T9 are normally members of the Military Police Corps. This makes complete sense because criminal analysis is a police function.

What an ASI T9: Criminal Analysis Specialist Does

There is no where in the world where crime does not exist. The United States Army has people in place to help deter and investigate crime within the Army, and also in civilian situations where possible National Guard experts are called in.

When a crime is committed, there are many different types of investigators, and one of these is a Criminal Analysis Specialist. The job of the ASI T9 Criminal Analysis Specialist is not to arrest any suspects in a crime, but to compile data and analyze that data to determine what is, and isn’t evidence, and to pass that information on to the appropriate legal authorities.

The majority of ASI T9: Criminal Analysis Specialists are employed under United States Army Criminal Investigation Command. Their jurisdiction falls within all service personnel who may have committed crimes that fall under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and also any civilians who have broken criminal laws of the United States in which the United States Army has stakes in.

The United States Army Criminal Investigation Command is headquartered at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia.

You normally will not find a Commissioned Officer holding the ASI T9 designation. The Commissioned Officers normally command CID units, whereas the Criminal Specialists and Investigators are normally Non-Commissioned Officers.

Requirements To Gain An ASI T9 Designation

Candidates must have served in the military at least 2 years, but not more than 12 years. He/she must have at least 1 year of Military Police or 2 years of civilian Law Enforcement experience. They must also have 60 credit hours of college. He/she must be now serving with CID and must be at least a Sergeant (E5). Other requirements will be:

  • Pass credit checks

  • No mental or emotional disorder history

  • Physically fit

  • Obtain Top Secret clearance

  • and more

ASI T9 Training

All training for this specialized skill is done at the United States Army Military Police School at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. You will have to attend the Apprentice CID Special Agent Course, and then you will attend specialized courses in Criminal Analysis.

The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division has many missions that the Criminal Analysis Specialist may be involved with:

  • Investigating serious felony crimes

  • Maintaining Army criminal records

  • Conducting sensitive investigations

  • Forensic laboratory analysis

  • Collecting, analyzing and disseminating criminal intelligence

  • and more

Other ASI T9 Considerations

In the role of ASI T9, in some cases, the agent does not wear his/her Army uniform, but dresses in professional attire depending upon the investigation.

Those who carry the ASI T9 designation could be stationed nearly anywhere that Military Police are in force. There has been requests of National Guard units to “lend” any of their service members to State or Local law enforcement to help in major crime investigations.

How This Additional Skill Identifier Can Help You

First and foremost, criminal investigations will not go away. As long as there are humans, there will be crime. This is an Army job that is in no danger of being disbanded.

The experience in having the ASI T9 will open many doors in your after Army career hunt. The possibilities for working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, State Law Enforcement or Local Law Enforcement are endless. Even private corporations would be overjoyed to hire someone with Criminal Analysis experience to analyze employee and customer thefts, embezzlement and other crimes against their business.

As a matter of fact, I just ran across a position open in Reno, Nevada for all members of the Air or Army National Guard that have the Additional Skill Identifier T9. It is for the Nevada National Guard Counter Drug Task Force, and it is only open through February of 2015.

A New Focus For Army Criminal Analysis Specialists

While Army Criminal Analysis Specialists do analyze the crimes committed on Army bases and installations, they have also been tasked with more responsibilities. They have been given assignments relating to cyber crimes in attacks against both government and civilian business computer systems.

Also on the agenda is the War on Terror. Criminal Analysts have been wading through materials recovered from grave sites in Iraq and Afghanistan, looking for evidence of weapons of mass destruction, analyzing information gained from interrogations of enemy detainees and Prisoners of War and helping analyze information in the search for key terrorist leaders.

Final Thoughts

If Criminal Analysis is something that you have an interest for, the Army has multiple openings and positions in this field. Gaining an Additional Skill Identifier T9 is the first step in a career that could take you to a life of great success.

You could find yourself investigating a murder on an Army base, the theft of military secrets or searching all the records of interrogations and other data to locate key leaders in ISIS. The possibilities are endless, and not to mention the after Army possibilities.

We would love to hear from any of you who have the Additional Skill Identifier T9. Tell us more about your duties and responsibilities. Also please tell me if I correctly stated everything in this post. If you have considered a Criminal Analysis career, the Army or Army National Guard may be your best choice to make that happen, and set your goals on attaining the ASI T9. If you have any comments, opinions, suggestions or questions, please post them in the comment area below. Thank you.

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